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Bedfordshire escorts are one of the region’s most long established and reliable escort agencies providing a visiting service to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with only the most lovely and discrete escorts, hand picked for the discerning gentleman and we serve the entire Bedfordshire region including Ampthill, Bedford, Biggleswade, Dunstable, Flitwick, Henlow, Leighton Buzzard, Luton, Sandy, Shefford, Stotfold and beyond. For a female companion service that can’t and won’t be beaten on quality or value contact us.

The quality of the girls that our agency represents is reflected in the number of regular clients we have. We are proud to provide our clients with an excellent level of customer service and you will always find a friendly and helpful voice at the other end of the phone when you call to make a booking. Booking your dream date is quick and convenient so that your fun loving escort beauty can be with you in no time.

Our gorgeous girls come from all backgrounds and from all over the planet so with one fast and easy phone call you could soon be spending time with exotic, slim and beautiful olive skinned women who just love to please; living it up with feisty, sexy and athletic girls; enjoying a dream date with demure, beautiful women or something entirely different besides – you decide. And remember, with Bedfordshire Escorts what you see is what you get. We do not enhance or modify the girls' photographs in any way, shape or form so you can be certain that your chosen fun loving girl will match your expectations.

Bedfordshire Model Escorts - keeping it real!

One of the main guarantees we give about our beautiful, sexy Bedfordshire escort girls is that we only publish genuine pictures - we don’t distort, enhance or airbrush any of the photographs. In short, what you see is most certainly what you get. Secondly, it is a joy indeed that the Bedfordshire beauties enjoy working as escorts and this enthusiasm follows through to your first encounter and beyond.

All of our exciting girls are carefully chosen to ensure you will enjoy a memorable time and we believe that once you have used Bedfordshire Escort Services you will never use another agency again. Our ravishing escort beauties have sex appeal, charm, beauty and are able to hold a conversation. The girls have a witty, natural sense of humour, not forgetting of course their 'to die for' bodies!

If you’re looking for a companion straight away please click on the link ‘available now’ to choose who will be your dream date. We update this section regularly so please try again later if you can’t decide right away. If you’re looking for company in the near future then enjoy the gallery of our stunning escorts and contact us when you are ready.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best agencies in the county - a premium Bedfordshire Escort agency providing an unrivalled service with an emphasis on quality, value and complete client trust in our professionalism, integrity and reliability. But most of all, we have outstanding, stunning, sexy girls who know how to show a client a real good time.

A promise to you...

One of our main guarantees about our escorts is that we only publish genuine pictures: we don’t distort, enhance or airbrush any of the photographs. In brief, what you see is what you get and you can rest assured that we don’t try to deceive. Secondly, we only work with girls that enjoy working as escorts and this enthusiasm follows through to your first encounter and beyond.

  • Genuine pictures of all our girls.
  • Complete discretion guaranteed.
  • Honest approach to the business - from the pictures on the site to the service provided by booking staff and the girls themselves.
  • We only work with girls who fundamentally enjoy doing what they do and who are skilled in their dealing with people.
  • Careful selection of all of our girls to ensure that only the best, most genuine and fun loving girls are provided to our valued clients.
  • Professional and reliable service.

But don’t take our word for it, try us out and see what you think - pick up the phone and dial Bedfordshire Escorts on 01582 206062 and as our promise states 'you will love our girls'.

The Best Price for an Escort Service

There are some things in life beyond compare but if you did decide to think about any other agency before Bedfordshire escorts we would ask you to make sure you are comparing 'apples' with 'apples'. Many escort agencies will lure a potential client with headline grabbing claims about unbelievably low fees and another may publish photographs of their escorts that make Megan Fox look ordinary when in reality the girl that greets you on your doorstep is nothing like the girl you thought you had booked! An hour with a genuine beauty from Bedfordshire escorts can be as little as £125 and that is for a whole hour. Of course if you are interested in a longer assignation then discounts can apply. At the end of the day you could spend hours searching the web for an escort agency of the same calibre and with such a competitively low fee. And that is before you think about the inate quality and beauty of the girls that Bedfordshire escorts can provide.

High quality, great value, gorgeous girls - Bedfordshire escorts.

More than an Escort Agency

At Bedfordshire Escorts we like to believe that we are more than just your usual common or garden agency and that's why we have dedicated sections of the site for visitors travelling to and through Bedfordshire and you can find hotels and restaurants by a simple click of the relevant button at the bottom of the home page. We wanted to provide you with a broader service, providing information about the region to make your stay in the county more comfortable and enjoyable whilst also providing some online entertainment in the form of erotic fiction on a regular basis to help you wile away the time when you are waiting for your stunning, sexy Bedfordshire escort to arrive! Some are submitted by the team behind Bedfordshire escorts and all are sure to get your temperature rising!

Tell us if you have had a great time!

Rest assured that if you have one of our Bedfordshire female escorts you will not only receive the 5 star treatment but also that natural girlfriend experience. We are a quality visiting escort agency that offer cheap escorts and local escorts. Many happy clients like to tell us what they thought of their date with a Bedfordshire escort - check out the profile pages to read what's on their minds...

Fun is spending time with two Bedfordshire Escorts...

We all have a different idea of what constitutes 'a good time' and so it's good to know that you can book a gaggle of girls to make your party that much more special or perhaps just one extra escort to double the fruity fun. There are also a number of bi-sexual escorts available at Bedfordshire escorts to join you and your partner for a sensual massage.


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Erotic Adventures

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  • 31st October 2014

  • Having composed two blogs already today that ruminate on the idea of a dictionary of desire I find myself up to the letter ‘C’. When I think of desire I think of heat, lust, a passion for a woman that can drive a man mad. And so the words that come to mind for this section of the dictionary are at first glance rather disappointing: charming, cheerful and comely. The word charming implies a sort of appeal that does not go so far as the physical. Oh she is a charming girl brings back memories of a bygone age, when...

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  • 11th October 2014

  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever seen a beautiful woman and thought I want to spend the rest of my lie with you? And was your love requited? In our cynical times I’m not sure that many of us really think that one can instantly fall head over heels. I’m sure it does happen occasionally but it is certainly not a common occurrence and the idea of instant emotional as well as physical attraction has been consigned to a more romantic, or perhaps deluded, past, the stuff of literature. I do believe in lust at first...

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  • There are women and then there are women...

  • 28th September 2014

  • Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day is a famous opening line from a Shakespearean sonnet. It’s very romantic and no doubt was used to seduce many a lovely mistress in the Elizabethan Age. The poetic analogy is easy to understand: the woman is beautiful, she is pleasing on the eye, and she imparts warmth and pleasure and brings only sunshine and happiness into her man’s life. But what about comparing a woman to a cigar? Not quite so romantic. Groucho Marx said that sex with a woman was a moment of pleasure but a cigar is always a...

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  • Passionate, fun loving and ever so...

  • 7th September 2014

  • OK I admit to it, I once had a crush on Lindsay Lohan. It wasn’t a full on lust fest, I just found something about her sexy. Perhaps it was that naughty look in her eye, that suggestiveness that seemed to be saying that she was up for anything. Unfortunately, not being the kind of person who mixes with top celebrities I never had the chance to enjoy the company of the teen starlet. Of course nowadays you would have to drag me kicking and screaming to go on a date with the has been actress. I know, I’m a...

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  • Ripples of excitement...

  • 3rd September 2014

  • I’ve been reading about how an apple a day cuts the risk of a heart attack. That’s the kind of Apple you eat, not the one where your private naughty photographs can be hacked by the way. The thing is, every week we read about something or other that will lessen the risk of premature death. I mean last week it was walk a mile a day. Next week it will be walk a mile a day whilst eating an apple! Don’t misunderstand me, like everyone else I am desperately searching for the elixir of youth and I spend a fortune...

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