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With a population of over one hundred and thirty thousand people in Bedford and the 'greater Bedford' or 'Borough of Bedford' area the town is substantial and well served with hotels, clubs, bars and the like. With a large immigrant Italian population you are also sure to find excellent Italian food in the many restaurants that dot around the town.

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Bedford Escorts serves this town also the numerous surrounding towns and villages such as Harpur, Brickhill, Cauldwell, Goldington, Newnham and more. A well established agency with a reputation for professionalism and discretion, if you are looking for escorts in Bedford you should choose us first.

'Dave' first used the services of a Bedford Escort when he found himself alone when enjoying the riverside festival last July. He wasn't used to being on his own and his best mate Steve had let him down. He still wanted to go to the festival though as the thought of a hot dog, some good music, a bit of sunshine and some people around would do him good he figured.

But amid the music and the frivolity he felt a little uneasy, like he didnt fit. He shrugged off the thought. It was just that he had recently broken up with his longstanding girlfriend and he wasn't ready to smile, have a laugh and enjoy the world around him just yet.

As the hour wore on and his second cold beer soon to be history he began to think about female company. He was a good looking man, though in his forties he was still in fine shape and he dressed well.

There were lots of women here of course. But then that meant complications, chat up lines, effort... No, he decided, he would call an escort service. His mate Steve had mentioned Bedford escorts and the great time he had enjoyed in the company of a beauty called Chloe. Slim and alluring, she had given him the full girlfriend experience and he had gone back for more. All right then thought Dave, enough watching the world (and the sexy women) pass by, get on the iPhone, find the number, give thema call and start living.

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