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In 1661 Samuel Pepys stopped off at Biggleswade to buy stockings, apparently. Warm woollen ones though, not the sexy and shimmering kind as often worn by the beautiful belles at Biggleswade Escorts. I wonder what Mr Pepys would have written in his acclaimed diary if he had stayed in Biggleswade long enough to sample its many and divers other delights, not the least of which is the intimate, exhilarating and oh so sexy service provided by this established, highly discrete and professional escort agency, who have been providing escorts in Biggleswade to discerning gentlemen... and women... for many a year.

Now that I have written 'stockings', my mind is naturally wandering to the sensual application, the sexual connotation, and the almost theatrical nature of this particular clothing item. I wonder what it is about silk stockings that makes so many of us go weak at the knees in excitement and anticipation of deeds as yet undone. The sight of a stocking top and a flash of thigh can be enough to turn a grown man into a drooling idiot so what is it that makes stockings so sexy.

I guess first of all that the sight of more flesh, as opposed to that granted by the ubiquitous and more mundane pantyhose could be one reason. And of course that exposure to flesh also gives the impression of faster access to the very sexual essence of a woman. Along with garter belts, decorative lace and the manner of putting on and taking off even the paraphernalia of 'stockings' can seem almost as erotic in itself as what left unsaid, is suggested. But it does as always depend on the girl.

Gazing longingly at the beautiful escort Charlotte in the online escort gallery, one can't help but be aroused by the flashes of thigh, the black lacy stockings and pink trimmed suspender belt, hinting at nice but naughty nice... Stockings and suspenders may well be the stock in trade of the escort industry but it still takes the right girl to deliver the entire package and at Biggleswade Escorts you're spoilt for choice.

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