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A mysterious network of tunnels exists under the town centre in Leighton Buzzard. They have not been explored but at least one is accessible - though for safety the tunnels have been sealed up. They probably date back to the medieval period and may have been used for people to escape religious persecution. I like to think of them as exciting playgrounds where satin clad ladies and spur heeled lords dallied, free from prying eyes. Or perhaps ladies maids, bosoms heaving would flee from an amorous encounter with a local stable boy. Who knows but I would certainly enjoy chasing a concubine around a maze of tunnels knowing the prize awaiting me at the end! Well, there is no need to chase anyone around a dark, dank place if you require female companionship - no, if you need an escort in Leighton Buzzard you only need call Leighton Buzzard escorts.

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Though if I am honest the chase stuff does sound fun, doesn't it? The tunnels also bring to mind the story of the phantom of the opera who stole away a beautiful young woman to join him in the darkness where his facial deformity could remain hidden leaving her free to love him for what he really is. The romantic modern re-telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale appeals to so many. Savagery versus innocence; truth versus beauty; innocence versus experience are all among the many themes that can be drawn from the tale and explored further. But with Leighton Buzzard escorts you need have absolutely no worries that our girls like the phantom have something to hide - take a look at the online gallery where we display real photographs of our escorts untouched by photoshop! - though you may want to do some exploring of your own! Our escorts are discrete and professional with a positive, fun loving approach to life. With so many stunning and sexy ladies to choose from you cannot fail to have the time of your life. Just choose the escort who can be your beauty, I'll leave it up to you to decide who the beast is!

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