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Luton, though not quite a metropolis, is still a very large town with all of the amenities you would expect including pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, sporting and recreational facilities and more.

It is a major transport hub with buses, trains, planes and automobiles all catered for. And of course the other favourite pastime of the English is also well served here, with Luton Escorts providing the very best service to the town and beyond. If you are looking for female companionship in the Luton area you have come to the right place. With so many fun loving, sexy and exciting escorts to choose from if you are looking for an escort in Luton then look no further!

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Many people will not realise that the town of Luton has had an international airport since before the Second World War. Indeed during that particular conflict the airport even doubled as a base for the RAF. My own very fond memories of the airport are legion, but none more so than when I met the beautiful escort Candice at a local hotel for some quality time together one evening. She was the proverbial 'drop dead gorgeous', that's for sure. Long flowing blonde locks, petite and pert frame, stunning blue eyes and poured into the sexiest of sexy little black dresses, an escort to die for.

From the first moment we met there was a real spark between us, electricity. We talked a lot and we laughed a lot. It wasn't long before we were holding each other close whispering sweet nothings and doing the kind of thing that grownups who like each other do... And whilst I thought the girl was sensational fully clothed, well let me just say that her undressing was like the unveiling of a Rembrandt or a Michelangelo statue, an event! She wasn't just an escort, any escort; she was Venus, a goddess made mortal, in flesh and blood. And boy did that flesh taste and smell oh so good.

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