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Sandy, located between Cambridge and Bedford is a medium sized town of around eleven thousand inhabitants. Home to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds the charity moved to the area in the early sixties. Recent archaeological excavations reveal the town to have had a settlement over two hundred years before Christ. Sandy may have been an important place during the Roman occupation and a hill fort still overlooks the town. The disappointing thing about Sandy is the lack of a beach, or sand of any description. But to make up for that disappointment you do have the fun, excitement, intimate candle lit dinner for two, champagne and desert that is Sandy Escorts. If you are looking for an escort in Sandy good choice!

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Now you couldn't expect me to write about 'sandy' and not find me waxing lyrical about sun, sand, sea and sex now could you? I remember one time, in the Caribbean, walking hand in hand with a beautiful young woman along the beach at sunset. My light brown haired companion was wearing a tiny white bikini and sandals with a pure white sarong wrapped around her waist, providing some cover for her legs as the sun went down.

We had only met earlier that evening and I was unaware at that point that she was an escort - she was taking a week long holiday with a cousin to escape the chill back home. Her cousin had become entranced with one of the local guys and at this point was no doubt giving him a private dance and more back at his cabana. We stopped and looked out to sea and Elizabeth turned towards me, pulled me to her and locked her luscious lips on to mine. Her tongue eagerly found mine and soon we were lying in the dunes making love under the moonlight. She told me that back home she worked as an escort but I didn't mind at all, I had often booked an escort in Sandy and here I was sandy in an escort.

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