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What was once the local mental health institution in Stotfold has recently been converted into apartments. The building which dates from the eighteen sixties housed up to five hundred patients and was originally called the three counties asylum. The very word asylum instils fear don't you think? With thoughts of unimaginable treatments once thought progressive but which we would now call barbarous, dark unlit corridors and screams in the night I have the many thrillers and horror movies over the years that used 'insane asylums' as their canvas to blame for my state of mind methinks. Anyway, you'd have to be mad to want to live here I think. And I certainly would want female company if I did so thank heaven for Stotfold escorts, the best escort agency in the business. Looking for an escort in Stotfold then you're in luck.

If I lived in the building now, in one of the modern, well equipped apartments I would be tempted to recreate the look and feel of the time when it was an asylum and then I would entice young women back to my flat with the promise of liquor and my six pack. We all know that women like a scary movie, just so that you can hold them tight during the really scary bits but imagine living in the film set? Shutter Island for real. That's got to be worth a cuddle or two on its own!

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Then if I play my cards right the kind of screaming that would be coming from my girl wouldn't have anything to do with fear but instead would be a result of fiery passion and my spectacular lovemaking. There I go again, back to a fantasy world... But one thing I can do to turn fantasy into reality is to spend time in the company of a delicious escort by calling Stotfold escorts and booking one of the fabulous, young, nubile escorts they have on their books. Perhaps then I can act out my fantasy where I am a spectacular lover? Who knows, but at least I will have spent time in the company of a glamorous sexy escort and you'd have to be mad not to want that.

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