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  • Bedfordshire girls, the amazons of their age

  • 7th October 2011

  • The games brought together athletes from all over Greece and the wider known world, and they featured men and women competing naked for the ultimate prize, the acclaim of the gods. Perseus sought out only the bravest and the best in his quest to murder Medusa and kill the Kraken. And he liked what he saw: centre stage were two men fighting in hand to hand combat, their faces bloodied and bruised, sweat pouring from their bodies in a combination of exertion and a desperate attempt to cool the sun lashed skin. And two women, one of whom had...

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  • Perseus and the Bedfordshire Girls

  • 6th October 2011

  • The lusty Corinna was a hot and sexy thing. She had enjoyed being seduced by the muscular and handsome Perseus and he had no compunction about bedding a married woman, as long as the husband didn’t find out. In his experience there was nothing worse than a jealous husband and he would rather face Medusa or the Kraken than a man enraged by his wife’s infidelities.

    Perseus prowess in the bedroom was legendary and his sexual exploits would no doubt go down in history and one day his fame would travel around the world, tales of his lust read...

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  • Cute Corinna gives Perseus wings

  • 5th October 2011

  • Perseus arrived at Marathon, twenty six miles to the south of Athens dirty and tired after his three day trek across the arid landscape of Greece. He had seen few travellers on his journey, the games had begun days earlier and so he was one of the stragglers, the late arrivals who would struggle for accommodation in the bustling town during its four yearly Olympiad. He was eager to see the athletes in action but first he needed to wash and put on some clean clothes. Fortunately Acrisius had showered him with gold and his purse could have bought...

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  • A date with a nubile nymph...

  • 4th October 2011

  • Andromeda was sorry to see Perseus leave and even sorrier that she had not enjoyed him sexually. She could hardly have made love to the demi-god given the deal that had been struck. He was to kill the Kraken and in return she would share his bed for a period of no less than twelve months. In her heart though she knew that he was ‘the one’ and so it was with no little anxiety and upset that she watched him depart on the first leg of his quest – to Marathon to take part in the games and...

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  • A date with a deadly damsel

  • 3rd October 2011

  • It took precious little to persuade Perseus that he should use his god like abilities to take on and defeat the mighty Kraken – the prize would be Andromeda herself. He was to have her whenever he wanted her for a period of three hundred and sixty five days, but only after he had averted the city's destruction by the beast from the sea. Now Perseus was blessed with many things, a marvellous physique, good looks, charm and charisma but one thing he was not blessed with was brainpower. Had he known the full picture, that the Kraken was...

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  • A date with a Kraken monster

  • 1st October 2011

  • Hades returned to the underworld content that stage one of his plan was in place and all signs were that Accrisius would declare war on Olympus and in particular his brother, ‘King of the gods’ Zeus. He reclined on his black satin sheets and enjoyed their sensual feel, his thoughts turning to his usual afternoon recreation of sex. It was a perk of the job he had often joked with underlings that the lord of the underworld had his pick of the most naughty, highly sexed and sexual, ravishing pieces of womanhood that Greece had to offer....

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  • No passion for the imprisoned Perseus

  • 29th September 2011

  • After a night in a cold and damp dungeon Perseus felt anything but sexy. He had been treated like a common criminal so that a stuck up princess could make a point. That annoying women, he thought! One day he would bend her over his knee and spank her, the petulant wench. Of course, despite his anger at his mistreatment he still desired the voluptuous and nubile beauty, that he couldn’t deny. But boy was she irritating! He had never let a woman get under his skin the way she did. Well, once she came down to this hell...

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  • The pain of Perseus - flirt with a princess at your peril

  • 28th September 2011

  • Perseus arrived at the home of Andromeda with sun in his heart and desire in his loins and decided that he would skip any small talk and get down to business, enjoying carnal knowledge of the passionate and pert princess. After all, the nubile women of Argos had been lusty and willing sex partners and with their loose morals and even looser bra straps it was clear that all one had to do to obtain sexual satisfaction was to ask a girl to get into bed with you and just get on with it. Little did he...

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  • Perseus and the pert princess

  • 27th September 2011

  • The streets of Argos were hot and sticky, and a rancid smell of rotting food penetrated Perseus’s nostrils as he made his way to the home of the beauty Andromeda. He was light headed and nimble of foot, exhilarated by the sexual odyssey he had enjoyed in the big city. He only wished he had travelled to see the sights and sounds of the huge metropolis sooner in his young life. Andromeda was awaiting and the thought of bedding the hot beauty, making it a straight threesome of carnal encounters since his arrival only a day earlier filled him with...

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  • A matinee performance with a lusty admirer for the young Greek hero

  • 26th September 2011

  • As they lay on the flat roof in the hot sun, their bodies glistening in sweat, Perseus realised that he did not know the lusty wench’s name. He had enjoyed her nubile body, taking her greedily and repeatedly as they enjoyed open air sex. They did not realise that quite a crowd had gathered to surreptitiously share their experience and the watching women were more than impressed with the demi-god’s performance as he rode the sensual siren for what seemed like an eternity.

    On Mount Olympus the Gods too watched, Zeus proud of his offspring’s stamina and Aphrodite jealous, her own...

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  • Perseus looks for love and lust at Argos

  • 24th September 2011

  • Perseus still hadn’t found a place to stay and he knew that he would be looking more bargain basement than up market and desirable. The old quarter of the city was a dangerous place, with the scum of Argos loitering on the streets and up to no good. Litter was everywhere and the smell of waste pungent but inescapable. Perseus grimaced as he strode down the road and tried to avoid standing in what could be a puddle of just about anything.

    He kept one hand to his side, near his sword and his purse. He was confident that he could...

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  • Here come the Spartans

  • 23rd September 2011

  • Andromeda stormed across her room, throwing a small urn at a wall and crunching the delicate blue and white porcelain pieces under her feet. The image on the urn had been of the legendary Greek hero Achilles, winner of the war with Hector, victor like the goddess Nike against the Trojan hordes at the battle of Troy. She didn’t know why she had smashed it. She just wanted to, that’s all. Of course she knew that her dark mood had been brought on by the infuriating fisherman who had saved her from being ravished by two commoners. It hadn’t helped...

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  • A parade of willing wenches for the passionate Perseus

  • 22nd September 2011

  • Each of the girls began to attentively wash and massage the demi-god, enjoying the feel of his rippling biceps, perfect pectorals and strong, defined abdominals. Inevitably the girls also discovered his other powerful muscle and soon the young man was in whirls of ecstasy as they pleasured him in turn under the rippling water. He felt tongues on his ears, neck and across his chest as the girls played with their easy prey, enjoying his pleasure as much as if they were the recipient of a lover’s attention.

    With so many beauties vying for his attention Perseus was spoilt for choice...

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  • A romp in an ancient hot tub for Perseus!

  • 21st September 2011

  • Perseus strained his senses. He had noticed what seemed like waves of shadows passing across the white marble of the temple, creating a chiaroscuro effect on the walls. Then he heard the faintest of sounds, as if children were playing tip toe on bare feet. Then he was sure he discerned a stifled giggle emanating from behind the great statue of the goddess herself. Finally he heard what he knew was a whispered exchange and at that point he knew for certain that there was somebody or some bodies stalking his footsteps. He instinctively lay his hand on his makhaira...

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  • The lusty daughters of aphrodite

  • 20th September 2011

  • Perseus felt like a fish out of water in the big city that was Argos. He marvelled at the scale of the stone structures that adorned the streets, statues of various gods and demi gods including Apollo, Achilles, Athene, Hermes and his favourite, the Greek goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. The statue appeared so lifelike and so erotic – the plump yet firm breasts, her right hand resting near her left nipple, the other hand clutching a toga that has fallen below her waist and only barely covered her modesty, the physicality of the piece was certainly arousing.

    And then there...

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  • How to seduce the adorable Andromeda

  • 19th September 2011

  • The beauty dressed and invited Perseus to walk with her to the city. He had saved her from a terrible fate yet she had shown little in the way of gratitude, not one statement of thanks had passed her lips. And yet he strangely didn’t mind, not even when she spoke to him as if he were a peasant and she were a queen. In fact her arrogant attitude amused him and he longed for the day when he could prick her bubble and bring her down to earth. Her aloofness and haughtiness must have made her few friends and...

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  • The girl in the pure white toga

  • 17th September 2011

  • Quickly, Perseus grabbed his makhaira, the short sword his father had entrusted to him and he ran. He struggled to make rapid progress on the treacherous shale cliff and the fig trees gave very little support for his torso as he used them as a sort of stabiliser to break his descent. A normal man would have taken ten minutes to reach his destination, Perseus took all of two minutes.

    As Perseus hit the beach he started to run at speed towards where he thought the girl was. She was hidden behind the trees, not far now he thought. As he...

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  • A damsel in distress

  • 16th September 2011

  • Perseus received the blessing of his family to visit the ancient city of Argos, located in the Peloponnese region of southern Greece. It was a hard trek over several days across a parched landscape, the baking sun reaching a hundred degrees plus even in the shade. He took with him a few basic supplies, drinking water and unleavened bread, cheese and some dried dates.  His father had given him a sword, a rusty old thing that had never seen action, but nonetheless it filled father and son with pride when it was handed over.

    With Argos only a day away Perseus...

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  • A dream of Andromeda

  • 15th September 2011

  • Perseus grew up unaware of his demi god status. He had been adopted by a simple fisherman and his wife, his mother’s body long since bequeathed to the sea. He knew nothing of his father, the god Zeus, nor of his mother’s kingdom, great Argos, ruled over by the ruthless tyrant Acrisius. He worked hard, was an honest man and a loving son, helping his father to farm the seas. But he knew that he was different somehow. He was stronger, faster, and far more adept at reasoning and problem solving than the other children as he grew up. As...

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  • Lust, desire and death - the gods have spoken

  • 14th September 2011

  • Accrisius would admit no regrets. Not now, not ever. He stood imperiously, regaled in all of his finery, the gold chest plate majestic and imposing, the red feather streaming from his helmet, his face stern and his loins girded. He showed no mercy, no pity, no concern at all for his beautiful young daughter and her new born child as he watched them sealed within a lead coffin and hurled into the tumultuous sea. A storm howled about him and those who witnessed the scene, the wind beating their faces, brief flashes of lightning illuminating a pitch black sky and...

  • Lust, desire and death - the gods have spoken continues here

  • Lust, mythology and men... the true and sexy story of Perseus, chapter 1

  • 13th September 2011

  • When Zeus transmogrified himself into a shower of gold so that he could seduce the bewitching princess Danae he knew that he would be unleashing the wrath of her father on his people. But looking at her, physical perfection in woman hood itself, lying naked before him on silken sheets and woven blankets of golden he knew that he had to have her.

    Childless, Danae had been locked in a heavily guarded, impregnable bronze tower by her powerful and ruthless father, Acrissius, King of Argos. The oracle at Delphi had warned him that his daughter would have a son and that...

  • Lust, mythology and men... the true and sexy story of Perseus, chapter 1 continues here

  • The genesis of Mrs Hyde

  • 12th September 2011

  • Danielle’s eyes glistened with delight, her whole body shuddering in sexual anticipation as she watched the magical elixir begin to impact on the passive Doctor Jekyll. Soon she would have her lover, the moody and magnificent Hyde to share her warm bed again. She fantasised about the carnal games they would play and the many others, as yet unwitting, who would become pawns in their passion, mere walk on parts for those who lived only to provide pleasure for the more powerful and dominant sexual deviants.

    Thoughts of elaborate sexual adventures, drug and violence fuelled escapades, sweet young things...

  • The genesis of Mrs Hyde continues here

  • Unable to resist the teen temptress

  • 10th September 2011

  • Dr Jekyll was appalled and horrified at the depraved and deadly acts that he had carried out or inspired as the heinous Hyde. He had always feared his dark side and had worked for years to suppress his latent desire for frequent, taboo, illicit and hot sex. He had lived under a veil of secrecy, acting as a pillar of the community whilst at the same time lusting after the daughters and wives of his doctor friends and having a taste for the wenches that inhabited the rougher inns of Whitechapel. But he had never had the self confidence,...

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  • Partners in crime and lusty sex

  • 9th September 2011

  • Molly had crossed the ultimate boundary, one that not even Hyde had traversed and yet she felt no remorse. She was evil incarnate and she liked the feeling of liberation and power the thought gave her. Nothing was beyond her; she would do anything to get what she wanted no matter the consequences for others.

    Hyde looked across at the smiling, devilish girl lying naked in front of him. He reached across and drew imaginary lines on her soft, fair skin with the index finger on his right hand. He teased her nipples and other sensitive spots; he did...

  • Partners in crime and lusty sex continues here

  • A rival in love and lust...

  • 8th September 2011

  • Danielle knew that if she wanted to be with Hyde then she had to share his sexual predilections and accept his alternative lifestyle. There was no pint in making any demands on him, expecting him to be monogamous, faithful, attentive or loving. Hyde would be Hyde but for her that was just fine.

    Danielle was just as sexually voracious as he, just as demanding in bed, just as interested in new experiences and new sexual partners. She enjoyed control in the bedroom as much as obedience, she enjoyed dealing out sexual pain as much as she took pleasure from...

  • A rival in love and lust... continues here

  • No place to Hyde... The sexual adventures of Dr Jekyll continues

  • 7th September 2011

  • Danielle could hear the soft moans of a woman emanating through the doorway, a man’s harsher, and more gruff grunting sound acting in a strange sort of syncopation. Stepping into the bedchamber Danielle was struck by just how feminine the place was. A giant four poster bed dominated the room, lush velvet curtains closed and concealing the two lusty lovers inside. There were three vases of flowers with beautiful white lilies dominant. The room was well decorated in a fashionable Henry Morris pattern and a genuine pre-Raphaelite painting by Millais hung on one wall. In conclusion, the room was...

  • No place to Hyde... The sexual adventures of Dr Jekyll continues continues here

  • Follow Hyde to the depths of desire... and despair

  • 6th September 2011

  • Danielle had followed Hyde back to his secret lair in Whitechapel. Stepping into the doorway, hidden away in a deserted cobbled side street, she noticed the dim gas lighting and the dank and dark hallway. She stepped gingerly, avoiding the broken glass and discarded clothing that was strewn about her way and she reached a stone stairway that led down into the depths of the building to a great iron door, which lay three inches ajar. Further on there was a staircase leading upwards, a great wooden thing with imposing carved finials. On one side was the terrifying head...

  • Follow Hyde to the depths of desire... and despair continues here

  • Love is the drug for Hyde

  • 5th September 2011

  • Dr Jekyll awoke in his laboratory with no concept of the six missing hours he had spent as his alter ego, Mr Hyde. He did not recognise the gaudy clothing and when he examined his coat pockets he was simultaneously alarmed and amused at the find of two pairs of ladies panties, one made from a ravishing black silk and the other pair a plain white but ultra arousing at the same time. Hyde certainly lived the sexual high life thought Jekyll but even as he did so he felt a pang of loss and anger darken his mood....

  • Love is the drug for Hyde continues here

  • And the clock struck midnight.... the erotic adventures of Mr Hyde continues

  • 3rd September 2011

  • Hyde was dressed head to toe in a menacing outfit of black leather, including an elaborately embossed whole head face mask. Danielle tried to make out the letters carved into the grainy material but it was some language other than English, Latin she thought and she had never been one to listen in class, not even at the exorbitantly expensive public school her father had sent her to. It was at the all girls school that Danielle had first realised that she had a greater need for sex, as dangerous and illicit as possible, than other people. She also...

  • And the clock struck midnight.... the erotic adventures of Mr Hyde continues continues here

  • A mass of naked pleasure seekers fires up the hot Danielle

  • 2nd September 2011

  • Danielle remained hidden and watched as Hyde orchestrated the training of the young innocents. This was the room of instruction in the dark sexual arts and Hyde was the professor, the one entrusted with taking a sweet young thing lacking in artifice and sexual skills and turning her into a sexually voracious and willing concubine, one who will submit herself for another’s pleasure without a second thought, one who will seek out ever more erotic sexual experiences.

    It reminded Danielle of a play she had seen recently about a Henry Higgins and his efforts to educate a common flower...

  • A mass of naked pleasure seekers fires up the hot Danielle continues here

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