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  • Hyde's dungeon of sex

  • 1st September 2011

  • As Danielle pulled back the curtain she noted that the interior of the room was quite small and poorly lit with just some candles burning in clusters around the space. The velvet curtain ran all the way around the room. She realised that she was not in the main room but instead she was in some kind of ante chamber and that there must be another door somewhere. Slowly drawing back the curtain she soon found what she was looking for, a round iron handle hung on one wall, the door evidently a section of the very wall itself....

  • Hyde's dungeon of sex continues here

  • Danger for the lusty Danielle in the house of sin and sorrow

  • 31st August 2011

  • Danielle had appropriated a perfect disguise, the blue dress so different in colour and design to the one that she had worn earlier. Like her own dress it was haute couture but had a much more daring and modern look, with its high bust line concealing most of her assets but the bare area at her lower back revealing the initial curve of her majestic buttocks. The mask was singularly different as well and was much larger, covering a greater proportion of her face. Her hair had been held up and so she spent a few minutes in the...

  • Danger for the lusty Danielle in the house of sin and sorrow continues here

  • The bull frog and the beauty in Hyde's house of sin

  • 30th August 2011

  • At that moment Danielle felt an arm encircle hers and before she could respond she was pulled into another room on the first floor. The hand that held her arm was soft, a woman’s grip. She turned and saw the masked face of a blonde headed slender beauty, with full lips and deep blue eyes. The girl was tall and elegant, her blue satin dress a deep sea of colour and her ample bosom pushed upwards and outwards by the balcony brassiere she wore. Her mask was in the style of a butterfly, her eyes providing the wing markings...

  • The bull frog and the beauty in Hyde's house of sin continues here

  • Pushing the boundaries of sexual liberation - Hyde continued

  • 29th August 2011

  • Danielle had ventured no further than the end of the hallway on the first floor when she saw Hyde descend to the basement with three young things in tow. She felt a pang of jealousy at the scene – the young women were slim and nubile, their bosoms heaving in their ball gowns as they fought against the restrictions of the over tightened whale bone corsets which encased their soft and tempting flesh. She noted that Hyde clutched a riding crop and having been on the receiving end of the delicious implement she knew just exactly what the fiendish...

  • Pushing the boundaries of sexual liberation - Hyde continued continues here

  • Inside the temple of sex, Danielle's risky romps

  • 27th August 2011

  • Danielle felt flushing waves sweep over her, and her heart skipped several beats. She had never been in such a dangerous and yet sexually exciting position before in her life. Though she knew that the sex party was a highly organised and ultimately safe event, she still felt as though she had put herself into a vulnerable position, once Hyde had left her to her own devices. And then she thought about ‘organised’ and ‘safe’ and realised that this wasn’t a mainstream entertainment like the music hall or the theatre, this was a private gathering at an unknown residence...

  • Inside the temple of sex, Danielle's risky romps continues here

  • Swinging at the sex party - the desires of Danielle

  • 26th August 2011

  • The sex party was in full swing with couples disappearing to various rooms and re-emerging minutes or even hours later. The hallway was less populated as most of those present were now into the swing of things and having imbibed various intoxicating substances were keen to get involved in some hot sex session or another.

    Danielle herself had already pleasured a man in an alcove of the hallway and she felt excited about her indiscretion and the fact that Hyde had simply abandoned her to her fate. She felt like a sexual revolutionary, an explorer aching to discover new...

  • Swinging at the sex party - the desires of Danielle continues here

  • Sex with a stranger for Danielle

  • 25th August 2011

  • Hyde bristled with excitement and longing. It was his intention to break free of Danielle as soon as possible. He soon considered that she was orientated enough and began to walk off in the direction of a ravishing brunette with a sexy pout, an inviting manner and with eyes that darted about revealing to Hyde that she was on the lookout for a sexual partner and was sizing the men up.

    As he stepped off Danielle reached out and took hold of his arm, asking him why he was leaving her alone. “My dear you begged me to bring...

  • Sex with a stranger for Danielle continues here

  • Eyes wide shut for Danielle at the sexy Venetian Ball

  • 24th August 2011

  • Danielle had changed into a beautiful dazzling blue gown, her blonde hair cascading across bare shoulders and bosom. It was a low cut top which displayed her cleavage in all of its glory and it was pinched tight around the waist emphasising her slim figure. She had been instructed to wear her sexiest lingerie, with suspenders and stockings a must. She also wore high heels and an elaborate mask on her face for the Venetian Ball that was to be the highlight of the evening at Hyde’s gentlemen’s club.

    The lighting in the great hall of the mansion was...

  • Eyes wide shut for Danielle at the sexy Venetian Ball continues here

  • Wanton acts of sexual desire bind Hyde and his young concubine

  • 23rd August 2011

  • Hyde lay back on the chaise longue and enjoyed the vision of sexual heaven that unfolded before him. He had intended to shock the young girl but it had seemed to have the opposite effect. He had hoped to use his coldness, by bringing in Henrietta as a way of training Danielle – first to shock and challenge her sensibilities, with the intention that she become his amoral sex partner but instead she had shown herself to be at one with his sexual mores from the start, no training required. Their needs, lusts, desires were one and the same...

  • Wanton acts of sexual desire bind Hyde and his young concubine continues here

  • Hyde discovers the limits of love and lust between women

  • 22nd August 2011

  • The air was heavy with sex, the mood erotic and the lighting from the gas lamps cast an eerie glow around the bedchamber. Hyde had enjoyed the young female aristocrat, her social status and apparent innocence an added frisson to proceedings. He had been taken aback by Danielle’s willingness to experiment with her sexuality in the bedroom and with the role playing that he introduced – though for him it was not play. But he had lost patience with her naive and childish refusal to accept that he was not romantically attached to her and gave no more credence...

  • Hyde discovers the limits of love and lust between women continues here

  • A lesson for the young innocent from the Devil Hyde

  • 20th August 2011

  • Hyde looked at the two naked young women entwined on the bed and smiled. He reached out and stroked Danielle’s thigh. He gazed at her face as she was pleasured by Henrietta, a sublime look of sexual satisfaction glowed from within her. He was pleased. And now it was time for him to join them...

    Hyde’s sexual needs were insatiable. His mind and body was perpetually engrossed in sex, the need for lusty copulation his raison d’être, his reason for being. But he was not satisfied with the accepted sexual philosophy of his day. Victorian times. Hypocritical times he...

  • A lesson for the young innocent from the Devil Hyde continues here

  • Hyde, Henrietta and the innocent Danielle - a menage a trois made in hell

  • 19th August 2011

  • Hyde stepped from the bed and opened the bedroom door. He strode down the corridor to a room which he knew was occupied by one of his many lovers, Henrietta, a slim and sexy twenty something with a penchant for role playing. She liked to pretend she was riding a horse, rising and falling on the stud’s member. She also liked to be taken in public and Hyde had often enjoyed her from behind with the girl braced in a window frame, her breasts pressed up against the cold glass. He knew she would be up for his suggestion...

  • Hyde, Henrietta and the innocent Danielle - a menage a trois made in hell continues here

  • Danielle's sexual baptism of fire

  • 18th August 2011

  • The young aristocratic lady felt for the very first time like a truly uninhibited, free, bohemian sexual creature and she longed to have the mysterious and sexy Mr Hyde. And have him she did, with Hyde enjoying every inch of the pretty thing and teaching her how to please a man in every way possible. She was a willing succubus and Hyde’s evil spell had her in thrall. She was his sexual slave and she knew it and welcomed it...

    She had been shocked at first by Hyde’s sexual proclivities and his demands that she too be wayward, abandoning...

  • Danielle's sexual baptism of fire continues here

  • Saint and Sinner - the virginal debutante and the monster that is Mr Hyde

  • 17th August 2011

  • Hyde and the beautiful young aristocratic daughter of the third earl of Leamington were in a dingy room at the top of a gin parlour in Whitechapel. She had often been warned about the dangers of this part of London – there was a serial killer known as the ‘Ripper’ on the loose after all and he had so far murdered three young women in the streets. The gas lights did not do much to keep people safe – in the midst of a pea souper the lights only seemed to create more gloom, more uncertainty as to reality...

  • Saint and Sinner - the virginal debutante and the monster that is Mr Hyde continues here

  • The despicable Hyde and his lust for taboo sex

  • 16th August 2011

  • Hyde stepped into the street. It was shrouded in darkness, what little light there was from the gas lamps was dulled by the ever present pea souper – a smog that enveloped the city at night, fed by huge chimneys and coal burning stoves and fire places. Hyde liked the streets at night. He liked the concealment; a man could do anything he liked on these streets with none the wiser.

    He had arranged to meet a young woman, an aristocrat’s daughter no less, that had become enamoured of him during his frequent drunken escapades at various upmarket and...

  • The despicable Hyde and his lust for taboo sex continues here

  • Another innocent ravished by the evil Mr Hyde

  • 15th August 2011

  • She looks at me – I recognise that strange mixture in her face of fear and desire, love, loathing and lust all wrapped up into one sweet tasting dish. She is reaching out to touch my face but I slap her hand away and reveal my belt, the one I used to pleasure her with during our last lusty sex session - she moaned so when it cracked in the air and slapped her firmly across her willing behind, and she came so loudly I thought she would rouse even the good doctor from his sub conscious – but...

  • Another innocent ravished by the evil Mr Hyde continues here

  • The Doctor, the Devil and the young beauty at his mercy

  • 13th August 2011

  • Doctor Jekyll looked at the naked Molly as she lay spread-eagled across the bed, the signs of a ravishing at the hands of the brute that was Hyde evident across her back and buttocks. Her face however was a radiant picture of beauty and contentedness, like one who was dreaming of ecstasy and sexual satisfaction. And of course the doctor knew that she was. In his hands the two women in his life were simply sexual partners, the pleasure limited and tame, words whispered as if the speaker was ashamed to admit they had uttered them, the blinds closed,...

  • The Doctor, the Devil and the young beauty at his mercy continues here

  • The duality of nature haunts Doctor Jekyll

  • 12th August 2011

  • Doctor Jekyll was stunned by what he had just read. Had he really become another person, another incarnation of himself under the influence of the potion he had produced? Could he really operate as another human being without any consciousness of his actions? How had this split or dual personality been constructed? Was there a real separation of his personality and that of Hyde’s or were they simply two sides of the same coin, Hyde the man that the doctor secretly longed to be, a manifestation of his own innermost desires?

    He trudged wearily up the stairs to the...

  • The duality of nature haunts Doctor Jekyll continues here

  • Hyde's perverse desires know no bounds

  • 11th August 2011

  • I had taken more of the exotic elixir and once again found myself awaking from a deep sleep unknowing what had occurred during my slumber. The diary was open at the day which covered the night before and I looked at it in a mixture of trepidation and horror. I was desirous of the knowledge of the contents but perturbed by what I might find. Something in my soul told me to resist but I could not help myself. I pulled up a chair and began to read.

    “The foolish, pathetic creature that is the...

  • Hyde's perverse desires know no bounds continues here

  • The dirty doctor has no place to Hyde

  • 10th August 2011

  • The writing had suddenly tailed off as though the writer had fallen asleep part way through his sentence. It looked like my writing and yet was not, there was a firmer edge to the scrawl, the pen almost pushing through the soft vellum paper at one point, as though it had been written in rage. A moment of fear struck my heart. I checked the logs and the ingredients of the potion I had taken before the blackout. With some trepidation I mixed up a second batch. I had to take this experiment further. I knew that...

  • The dirty doctor has no place to Hyde continues here

  • The doctor's sexy diary continued

  • 9th August 2011

  • At first I tried to treat my psychological ailment with drugs. I know you’re thinking if I had kept it at bay for so long why would I need now to treat or cure my affliction? Well, it had been growing and my efforts to restrain my real self were proving too much to bear. My marriage was sexless, how many men say that mmm?, whilst my desire was ever present. It wasn’t ever thus, at first Mildred was a giving woman, though her efforts in the bedroom paled in comparison to my lusty romps with Molly....

  • The doctor's sexy diary continued continues here

  • A sweet weekend pleasure called Molly

  • 8th August 2011

  • The Story of Dr Jekyll – part 2

    I had a large house in a fashionable area of London and I had the means to keep a mistress in Whitechapel. Ah, already you are taken aback and horrified though I do not understand why? I have not yet told of my real trespasses and yet you already sneer and condemn. Having a mistress in Victorian London was nothing out of the ordinary for a gentleman let me assure you! I knew of many with two, three or even more fancies on their arm. My own choice was more modest,...

  • A sweet weekend pleasure called Molly continues here

  • The Diary of the Doctor - carnal, sensual and deadly secrets revealed

  • 7th August 2011

  • The Story of Dr Jekyll – part 1

    As a respectable man from a well to do family I had a certain standing in the community I’m sure you will understand. My role was as provider and pillar of the business community, as a religious, devout family man who was expected to do the right thing, demonstrate the good and virtuous qualities of the English upper class and retain a stiff upper lip no matter the circumstances.

    But in my heart there lay dormant a darker side, a venal, licentious, free spirited, bohemian and sexually desirous individual, a beast...

  • The Diary of the Doctor - carnal, sensual and deadly secrets revealed continues here

  • An erotic secret revealed to Hyde

  • 6th August 2011

  • The rage and fury with which Hyde had erupted was as terrifying as it was sudden and I sat, shocked and scared out of my wits. This was no man, it was a beast. Thankfully he disappeared upstairs with the wench and another beauty whom he accosted on his short journey to the bedroom and with a bang the door was shut and some kind of normality returned to the room. At least my evening was not entirely ruined, as another beautiful and lusty courtesan walked over and duly plonked herself across my lap...

    She was a sweet thing,...

  • An erotic secret revealed to Hyde continues here

  • An encounter with Hyde

  • 5th August 2011

  • I sat in the Black Bull pub in Whitechapel, hoping to catch a glimpse of the notorious Mr Hyde. I was in thrall to the tales of his excesses, in particular his pursuit and it must be said capture of lusty beauties. I had long fought against my own sexual proclivities but there was something about Hyde that was drawing out my inner self, my real self and I was finding it impossible to resist.

    Don’t resist, call Bedfordshire escorts right now and in no time at all you could be enjoying the fun loving and flirtatious company...

  • An encounter with Hyde continues here

  • Wolf or Sheep? A trial at the hands of a teen temptress

  • 4th August 2011

  • I was keen to find out more about this Hyde, my interest having been aroused by a combination of the good Doctor’s account and also by my own predilections to deviancy – I had intense sexual needs which I found it almost impossible to deny. I struggled with my dark side and I often entertained thoughts of carousing with ladies of the night though I knew that I would be unable to do so, my reputation as a man of the community was so important to me, and to my good lady wife.

    I wondered whether my interest in...

  • Wolf or Sheep? A trial at the hands of a teen temptress continues here

  • The true and erotic tale of Mr Hyde continues - a romp at the Black Bull

  • 3rd August 2011

  • The Account of Dr Hays continues

    “Well Sir, I was in the Black Bull enjoying the convivial atmosphere, a buxom wench sat astride my lap and her bosom near to my face, a large tankard of ale in one hand and her bottom in the other when in strode this Hyde fellow. Darned impudent I say because he flung open the door so wildly to announce his appearance that it sent one man flying. He rose in a fit of rage and made to strike Hyde, who held his ground and fixed the man with...

  • The true and erotic tale of Mr Hyde continues - a romp at the Black Bull continues here

  • The real erotic tale of Mr Hyde - continued

  • 2nd August 2011

  • The Account of Doctor Hays

    I, William Taylor, looked across as the man sitting next to me in the inn in Whitechapel, hanging on every word as he told me of the man he had called Mr Hyde. Hyde had beaten a dog savagely in the street, so severely that many bystanders had intervened, unusual in itself for this part of the world. I learned that the storyteller was a Dr Samuel Hays, a renowned man famous for his research into tropical diseases.

    The doctor was recounting the background to the man known...

  • The real erotic tale of Mr Hyde - continued continues here

  • The true and sexy story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

  • 1st August 2011

  • “If you want to know the truth of the story I will tell you but I must warn you that it will blacken your heart, destroy your soul and lead you to damnation!”

    The words hung in the air, heavy and … and it was with a sense of foreboding that I turned back to the man and asked him to continue. I was sitting in the snug of the 'Golden Goose' pub in London's Whitechapel. The date was the twenty third of October, eighteen eighty five and I had been on my way to...

  • The true and sexy story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde continues here

  • The Song of Sabine 2

  • 30th July 2011

  • The beautiful, innocent Sabine carried water in a wooden bucket from the well to her father’s clay and straw built hut. The sun bathed her in a golden yellow glow accentuating her blonde locks and giving a bronzed sheen to her pure white skin. She wore a simple dress of course fabric, softened with a white undergarment with a string tied collar. Despite her dowdy appearance there was no mistaking her sensuality and vitality, the nubile young women the focus of many admiring glances from the many villagers, men and women she passed on the short journey...

  • The Song of Sabine 2 continues here

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