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  • The Song of Sabine - part one

  • 29th July 2011

  • A dark shadow crept over the landscape devouring all in its path. Relentlessly it travelled bringing death and destruction in its wake. With no opposition worthy of the name Lord Bartak surveyed the carnage with a deep sense of satisfaction.

    It had been ten long years since he had last enjoyed the fruits of his power, his unjust imprisonment within the grim castle dungeons of Imangir a deep insult and one that he would revenge mercilessly. The fools would feel the full force of his wrath, none but one would live and they would not...

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  • The misfits dance of lust - Tesla 3 continues

  • 28th June 2011

  • Jake was in Miranda’s dressing room at the back of the men’s club. He stood leaning against a doorframe as he spoke, telling her how much he had enjoyed the show. Miranda nonchalantly stripped as they spoke, removing the sexy dancing costume and replacing it with her usual uniform of white blouse and black short skirt. Jake’s eyes never once moved from her breasts which were a wonder to behold.

    He had never seen such beautiful firm breasts. The curve as the breast sloped down and then up at the end with the nipple like a cherry on a cup cake....

  • The misfits dance of lust - Tesla 3 continues continues here

  • Jake and the goddess Miranda

  • 27th June 2011

  • Jake had certainly noticed her now but was it too late he thought? He was a minimum wage monkey with little or no prospects, a dreamer who longed for adventure but who always took the path of least resistance. She would surely take the step up from waiting on tables to performer, he thought? But then his interactions with her over the last month or so since he started work her had led him to believe that she was a loner, someone who didn’t look for the limelight nor look to start conversations or create friendships. She was one strange...

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  • Miranda's erotic charge

  • 25th June 2011

  • Miranda was a sensation. Jake stood behind the bar with his mouth agape, he couldn’t believe that his was the same bespectacled and gloomy girl who would serve tables on minimum wage in this shit hole of a club. He hadn’t given her a second glance. He knew that she had a nice rear – she would often wear skin tight pants but everything else had been so expertly covered up and her messy hair and long fringe meant that he had never really had the best view of her.

    This woman was electric. It was as if a light had...

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  • Miranda's moves - Tesla 3 continues

  • 24th June 2011

  • The club manager didn’t ask Miranda to dance so much as order her to go backstage and get changed. Her protestations that she wasn’t a dancer fell on deaf ears. Her discomfort increased when she reached the dressing room and was confronted with all manner of skimpy costumes. In fact some of the ‘costumes’ seemed to her to be nothing more than a piece of cloth and a belt.

    Miranda settled on a tight, short trouser jump suit with a zip directly in the middle up the front. It was in a gold lame and had cut off sleeves and a...

  • Miranda's moves - Tesla 3 continues continues here

  • The Tesla 3 Temptation Club

  • 23rd June 2011

  • As it happens it hadn’t worked out quite to plan – at first. Miranda found herself alone, sleeping in the very bottom rung of accommodation – a wall pod. A wall pod didn’t measure much more than the space of a couple of coffins, in fact Miranda nicknamed her place No1, The Crypt. Basically, in what looked like a wall of lockers you would open a small door and crawl onto the bed in your soundproof pod. Closing the door behind you the pod consisted of the bed with a wall of shelving and closet space to one side and...

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  • Miranda - a chick with attitude on Tesla 3

  • 22nd June 2011

  • Miranda was a sexy tomboy. She liked to wear somewhat masculine clothes though she would always leave a shirt open just one button too many and her pants were as tight as it was possible for them to be, she would literally have needed for the tailor to sew them onto her if they were to be any tighter. Miranda wasn’t a lesbian nor was she confused about her sexuality, she was a confident and strong young woman but she liked to play with convention.

    When she had first arrived on Tesla 3, around eighteen months earlier, her husband to be...

  • Miranda - a chick with attitude on Tesla 3 continues here

  • The brides of Tesla 3

  • 21st June 2011

  • There were some single women on Tesla 3. The work on the infant planet was hard and strenuous and not all of the men who arrived on the planet with big dreams of striking out and striking it lucky did so. There were frequent accidents and the tough work often did for those whose heart wasn’t up to the task. To compound things when the men initially arrived and were taken to their ‘claim’ the first thing that struck them was the immensity of the task. Miles and thousands of miles of scrubland and rock stretched out beyond them. Though...

  • The brides of Tesla 3 continues here

  • Jake dreams of sex on Tesla 3

  • 20th June 2011

  • Tombstone was about the size of eight football fields, all protected by a covering shield of one millimetre thick cellulite glass. To travel from one town to another there were shuttles, though it was rumoured that an elaborate series of underground caves had been installed during construction – though I took this with a pinch of salt as it came with a caveat: the tunnels were built to cover up the excavations of what was thought to be evidence of an alien culture that once thrived on this planet. Yeah, right thought Jake, and anyway if there was evidence it...

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  • Tesla 3, sex in space

  • 18th June 2011

  • Tesla 3 was the third planet orbiting the Tesla star, situated some two thousand light years from Earth. It hadn’t long been colonised, the vegetation what there was of it was sparse, the surface of the planet more rock and sand than lush green forests and expanses of lakes. The people who lived here were a tough breed, pioneers, settlers on a new world.

    They all had their reasons for being here. For some it was a new beginning, a chance to put all of the mistakes of the past behind them and start anew. For others it was a purely...

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  • Maxine pushes the boundaries of sexual experience - De Sade continues

  • 17th June 2011

  • On another occasion Maxine entered a gentlemen’s club (it was a club of which De Sade had been a member and he knew the staff well and so it had been easy to arrange access for Maxine - De Sade had simply paid a bribe to the doorman) dressed as a man. Her disguise was excellent. At her chosen moment she stood and began to perform an elaborate striptease for the men present – an act so erotically charged that she had then been used by the dozen or so gentlemen, who fought and jostled to have her. She begged...

  • Maxine pushes the boundaries of sexual experience - De Sade continues continues here

  • Maxine and the Concubines

  • 16th June 2011

  • Maxine eagerly listened and learned from the Marquis. She had found her sexual soul mate and she was ready to do whatever he wanted of her. De Sade greedily devoured her, utilising various instruments of pleasure to expand her sexual horizons. He also introduced her to uninhibited group sex, with two of his concubines providing lusty service.

    Maxine had never imagined that sex could be so liberating and empowering. Her greedy consumption of all that De Sade taught and did to her was as much a political as a sexual act. She was free and liberated and was saying to the...

  • Maxine and the Concubines continues here

  • Maxine's voyage of sexual discovery - De Sade's designs realised

  • 15th June 2011

  • Maxine had asked about De Sade that very morning, speaking with one of the girls who worked at the house. She had lifted any veils from Maxine’s eyes about the kind Marquis but instead of wanting to run away she instead had felt a strange fascination, as if there was something inside of her that she didn’t know existed, a dirty and dark side in contrast to the impression the fresh faced, virginal young girl had given to the world. She had kept this hidden from De Sade, judging – rightly – that he would enjoy the experience all the...

  • Maxine's voyage of sexual discovery - De Sade's designs realised continues here

  • Maxine's lesson in lust

  • 14th June 2011

  • De Sade looked at the beautiful, adoring, fresh faced young woman sitting next to him in his private chambers. She seemed relaxed and at ease, no doubt an effect of the tea he thought. How little did she know of the world or of men’s desires. How little she knew of his personality, his penchants, his infamous sexual proclivities. He had tasted many sweet things during his life, both within and without institutions designed to break his will and alter his consciousness. But they hadn’t succeeded; his will was as strong as ever, his determination resolute. In fact his desires...

  • Maxine's lesson in lust continues here

  • De Sade's sex slaves

  • 13th June 2011

  • The Marquis invited Maxine into his private quarters with his usual elegance and charm. She did not consider any possible consequences or alternative scenarios to the loved up world she had created in her love struck head. Without a moment’s hesitation, she concurred...”

    Francois, Marquis de Sade, lived in opulent quarters, indicative of his status and wealth and the fact that he still had some influence beyond these walls. Maxine was aghast at the luxury with walls covered in velvet drapes, rich fabrics, colours and textures on throws and furniture; a raging fire heating the room and along with a small...

  • De Sade's sex slaves continues here

  • Come into my parlour said the spider.... the mad Marquis returns!

  • 11th June 2011

  • De Sade’s latest work was yet to be published, it was entitled ‘Philosophy in the Bedroom’ and he was pleased with how it was progressing. Given that he himself had been imprisoned for many of the acts that he describes with relish it was his own little way of getting back at the powers that be – recruit followers. His libertine philosophies were catching on, he knew, and many practised if not preached his ways.

    He knew that the girl was falling for him and he judged the time was right to give to her a first lesson in physical love,...

  • Come into my parlour said the spider.... the mad Marquis returns! continues here

  • Maxine's misguided love for the Marquis

  • 10th June 2011

  • Maxine was entranced by the handsome, articulate and sophisticated man she had met at Charenton. She had not enquired as to his reasons for incarceration; he had hinted it was all a misunderstanding and that no doubt he would be leaving soon. He did seem to live a life of relative luxury judging by his clothes and the fact that many of the staff seemed to run around after him as if her were the master and they the servant.

    And he was so charming! The way he listened to her girlish tales, the way he laughed and the way he...

  • Maxine's misguided love for the Marquis continues here

  • A philosophy for the bedroom - De Sade's desires continues

  • 9th June 2011

  • To be fair the Marquis thought, he could still be free and at large if he had just stayed with the servants, it was the daughters of the gentry that he seduced that caused most of his more recent troubles. Nobody cared much for what he got up to with servant girls but when you messed about with the middle classes there was the proverbial hell to pay. I was supposed to give them an education, he thought but I imagine their parents did not think that education should extend to the bedroom and to shall we say, the more...

  • A philosophy for the bedroom - De Sade's desires continues continues here

  • The Marquis and Maxine - 'just call me Francoise...'

  • 8th June 2011

  • Maxine blushed, her cheeks almost immediately metamorphosing into a scarlet crimson. She raised her hand to her mouth in a juvenile effort to hide her embarrassment and of course her lack of courtly sophistication. But De Sade did not pursue this as he intended to seduce the girl and and so he played at being charm personified and simply carried on with his ruminations about flowers and nature, and how like people, flowers had their own personalities.

    “And what flower or flowers best represent you... Monsieur....”

    “De Sade is my name... though you may call me Francoise...” He stood and gave a...

  • The Marquis and Maxine - 'just call me Francoise...' continues here

  • De Sade's sexual scandals continues

  • 7th June 2011

  • De Sade eyed Maxine the very first day she appeared but he kept his distance, weighing up his moves carefully and bribing the wardens with cash for information about this girl. Her slight frame, golden curled hair, and hints at pert breasts and firm bottom underneath the drab, grey dress and white linen shirt worn underneath to take away any hint of flesh at the bosom, were like honey to a bee to him. He mentally undressed her and then allowed his imagination to run riot, seeing the girl tethered in his hidden sex chamber whilst he exercised full control...

  • De Sade's sexual scandals continues continues here

  • More from the Marquis

  • 6th June 2011

  • Money was the only answer the Marquis had to his problem. Five years incarceration, surrounded by mad men and women, brutal and insensitive warders and deprived of ‘polite’ society he would use his fortune to obtain those things that life made bearable. He had already managed to obtain private quarters in a quieter part of the chateau that had once been owned by a powerful and wealthy aristocrat but which had been sequestered for the revolution, at first used as an administrative building but then, due to its distance from Paris, being converted into the asylum it was today.

    De Sade...

  • More from the Marquis continues here

  • The Memoirs of the Marquis de Sade

  • 5th June 2011

  • The Marquis sat in his cell and gazed around at his surroundings. Granted, because he was rich he was allowed certain concessions that would not have been availed to other inmates of the Asylum of Charenton. He had some plush, ornate chairs, a mahogany writing desk, a large bed with sumptuous sheets , a bath with gold features and a small window, which though it afforded no view given it was above head height at least allowed in some natural light so that he could write.

    He dipped his quill in the pot of indigo ink and continued with his writing....

  • The Memoirs of the Marquis de Sade continues here

  • The Doctor's dalliance with Saphic love

  • 4th June 2011

  • Ange loved it, it was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard she said and she vowed to play her part in the deception – this would be crucial when we got under the sheets. Finally Jasmine approached us and led us both to her bedroom. There was no need of an explanation; it was an unwritten understanding that this would happen at some part of the evening.

    We entered the darkened room and stripped before climbing into the bed. Jasmine and Ange took little time in exploring each other and I joined in using my tongue expertly on Jasmine....

  • The Doctor's dalliance with Saphic love continues here

  • Jasmine gets her teeth into Ange

  • 3rd June 2011

  • Getting an invitation to one of Jasmine’s secret sex parties turned out to be remarkably simple – it just required money as I bribed one of her friends, Helen, to mention me, introducing me as her new girl friend. I am blessed with androgynous features and a slim frame so my transformation from handsome doctor to pretty party girl wasn’t all that difficult, though the wig was rather uncomfortable – thankfully I had been able to hire it, a wig of this quality was expensive indeed.

    I quite enjoyed wriggling into the underwear, it was like a secret thrill...

  • Jasmine gets her teeth into Ange continues here

  • Jasmine and the Doctor - his ultimate challenge!

  • 2nd June 2011

  • All my time spent chasing the ultimate erotic experiences with willing women was time consuming and oh so expensive. Flights, hotels, time off work... It was beginning to be a drain on my already somewhat stretched finances, enjoying as I did the high life. My tastes though refined were also rather decadent and god forbid I should ever be caught out using case notes to find my next conquest. The thought of being out of work and broke filled me with dread.

    But my lust for beautiful women continued unabated. If I had been lying on my very own...

  • Jasmine and the Doctor - his ultimate challenge! continues here

  • The Musee of Love for Doctor Sex

  • 1st June 2011

  • Zoe was delicious in that French sort of way. A little snooty, imperious, supercilious even but oh so desirable and oo la la with bells on. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would have her, I only had to use my psychoanalytical training and my insider knowledge gleaned from working with one of her past boy friends and I knew all of the buttons to press, and press them I would.

    First, there needed to be opportunity – well that would be no problem, Zoe trawled museums and libraries...

  • The Musee of Love for Doctor Sex continues here

  • Zoe's indiscretions - time for the Doctor

  • 31st May 2011

  • I had tracked Zoe down to a cool suburb of Paris. She was living in an artist’s garret, apparently rent free whilst she posed for the guy who owned the place. Michel liked to believe he was avant garde, a talented and penniless artist striving to give the world that masterpiece he had within him. In reality he was the son of a wealthy Parisian property developer who had made a fortune in the nineties. Michel, in his forties had never lifted a finger to do any real work and simply lived the pretence of the down at heel...

  • Zoe's indiscretions - time for the Doctor continues here

  • Al Fresco Fun for the Doctor

  • 28th May 2011

  • The whole dressing up thing had been fun but it was time to move on. My romp with Carrie Fisher – sorry, Amelia, had been satisfying and sexy but it did grate a bit when I had to speak to her in a cod Star Wars way and though I enjoyed pretending to be Jabba the Hutt, especially when it came to using my tongue to explore every inch of Amelia's willing and eager body even I had limits. Well, ok, I don't really but it was just not quite as exciting as I had hoped it...

  • Al Fresco Fun for the Doctor continues here

  • Amelia's fantasy realised - the Dr does it agin!

  • 27th May 2011

  • Amelia called to me from her bedroom to join her. By now I had almost lost interest, almost but not quite. I climbed the stairs in anticipation and when I reached her open bedroom door I knew the wait had been well worth it. She was dressed exactly as Carrie Fisher had been in Star Wars some thirty odd years previously. Her slave girl outfit suited her a treat and I could see why it had taken so long for her to emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis, her hair. She had her hair up in the exact...

  • Amelia's fantasy realised - the Dr does it agin! continues here

  • The Doctor gets to play Jabba with Amelia

  • 26th May 2011

  • It wasn’t long before we were back at Amelia’s place. Lying on her sofa, watching The Empire Strikes Back and knocking back a whole bunch of high octane cocktails. I resisted the urge to come on to her just yet, I wanted to wait for the ideal moment. She hadn’t yet revealed to me the secret that I already knew – that she enjoyed dressing up as Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit when she is a prisoner of Jabba the Hut.

    “Do you go to any conventions?” I asked, apparently innocently but of course I had my...

  • The Doctor gets to play Jabba with Amelia continues here

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