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  • The Doctor reveals his light sabre

  • 25th May 2011

  • Beautiful brunette Amelia was easy enough to find – she literally worked as a waitress in a cocktail bar – a sexy one at that. With her uniform of french maid outfit with a lacy garter belt, high heels emphasising her pert little bottom, this five foot two and size four babe was sex on a stick. Her bosom was partly exposed and the Doctor couldn't help but steal a glance at it as she would totter from table to table delivering wine spritzers, champagne cocktails and ridiculously priced imitation import bottled beers.

    He loved...

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  • The Dr discovers his Princess

  • 24th May 2011

  • Amelia loved to dress up. Her boyfriend had revealed all of her most intimate fantasies in spectacular detail. In fact I had enjoyed listening to his stories so much I had played back the tape for my amusement many times later. I know you are once again reading this and judging me. Get over it. I think I have demonstrated that I have little concern for any code of ethics – my code is don't get caught. Yes, I had taken some incredible risks but so far I had been fortunate but as my appetites increased I...

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  • The Doctor's sexy Strumpet

  • 23rd May 2011

  • Juliet was already there in the living space awaiting my arrival. She was dressed as a courtesan, her bosoms pushed upwards and outwards by her tight fitting bodice, her skirt billowing as it rested on several layers of undergarments, including white bloomers no doubt.

    Juliet's face was roughly made up with white foundation and rouged cheeks and lips. She looked like a fine strumpet and I found myself getting into the spirit of things, going back in time to the days of Elizabeth and Essex, Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake. When Juliet spoke...

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  • The Doctor's dark desires

  • 21st May 2011

  • Julia was fully satisfied and clearly it didn't matter to her whether I was or not. I made a mental note to play her more like a musical instrument next time, controlling the crescendo as I plucked at her strings. Still, it had been an enjoyable and exciting experience and the first of many with this wild, feral temptress I hoped.

    We exited the washroom and walked nonchalantly back to the bar, resuming our seats and sipping from our half empty wine glasses. The air around us was hot with sex and I registered many...

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  • The Doctor's prescription? - pleasures of the flesh

  • 20th May 2011

  • Julia had led me into the washroom of the upmarket wine bar in central London. I had romanced her with my secret knowledge that she found the words of the Bard of Avon irresistible and I had many an envious glance cast in my direction by the single and even married men in the bar when it seemed I was in pole position to whisk her off her feet. However I had not anticipated jusy how easy it would be nor the fact that she would want me immediately. I had eagerly followed her to the ladies...

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  • Dr Sex's Bare Bodkin

  • 19th May 2011

  • I was sitting at the bar of an exclusive wine bar in central London. The object of my affection, Julia sat nearby. I had just recited an extract from the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet and I knew that my magic words would bear fruit... I just loved every single, wonderful moment, the anticipation of my success at the forefront of my mind. My mouth was dry in anticipation of what was to come. I was hated by the other men in the bar for my obvious early success. If they only knew of my secret weapon,...

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  • Dr Sex continued - playing with Julia

  • 18th May 2011

  • Julia sat at the bar, in that sexy, I'm cool, confident and can inhabit a man's world kind of way. To the men sitting around in the wine bar she looked unattainable, out of their reach with her model looks and expensive tailoring. She oozed sex appeal and it was fun just watching the looks guys gave her – desperately trying not to look but unable to resist. She knew she was sex on a stick of course and made no attempt to dampen down her sexiness. When she crossed her legs and her skirt rose up...

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  • The Case Notes of the Unscupulous Dr Sex

  • 17th May 2011

  • I had an inexhaustible supply of notes on tap and it took me some time to find the right woman. Her name was Julia, she was an upper class girl with a penchant for outdoors sex, an insatiable sexual appetite and a figure to die for. But best of all she had an aversion to steady relationships. I knew the area where she worked and made it my business to visit now and again, enjoy a coffee, or a meal or a drink at one of the many upmarket, trendy wine bars. I knew that sooner or...

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  • Chanel - bored and unfulfilled

  • 16th May 2011

  • Back in London Chanel found herself bored and unfulfilled, her life a void. How could she move on having experienced the sexual thrills of her lifetime, having enjoyed her three deepest and darkest fantasies. She needed to explore anew, but what? She considered going online but that would not be visceral enough, would lack the immediacy she desperately sought. After a great deal of thought and deliberation she decided she would have to get out and about and what better way to see what was on offer than to visit a sex club.

    But as...

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  • Paul and Ivan get down to business and seduce Chanel

  • 14th May 2011

  • Chanel had now experienced her three deepest and most intimate fantasies and whilst she had enjoyed every experience she now felt at a loss. What would arouse her now that she had done the most sexual and sensual things that once resided only in the depths of her imagination? How would she ever again feel the keenest of thrills? What was there left for her to explore in her sexuality?

    At the end of the evening Ivan and Paul had taken her to Ivan’s place, an impressive luxury villa outside the city. Once there she had showered and returned...

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  • Chanel 7, the allure of forbidden pleasures

  • 13th May 2011

  • Chanel approached the door to the VIP room with a little trepidation and a lot of sexual excitement. She felt as turned on as she had ever been and relished each and every moment as she neared what would be the performance and the sexual adventure of her life. She had some idea what to expect as the club owner, Ivan had explained some of the dynamics of the room, including the fact that there would be up to eight very wealthy men present. She had set the rules with Ivan – no man was to touch...

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  • Chanel 6, a sexy scent

  • 12th May 2011

  • Paul met Chanel at the club, Love’s Longing just off the beaten track to the north of the city of Boston. He was accompanied by Ivan, his friend and the club’s owner. Ivan was a good looking guy in his early forties and he was clearly interested when Chanel arrived and was introduced. A stunning girl he thought and one that he hoped would soon be sharing his bed. He knew that Paul didn’t maintain any relationship for long and so he wouldn’t be stepping on any toes. He hoped to impress her with his club, his...

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  • Chanel's business class romp - part 5

  • 11th May 2011

  • Chanel took her ipod to the music played and plugged it in before walking to the centre of the room giving Stewart a fantastic view of her toned ass. And then she began to dance to the music. He couldn't believe his eyes. Her confidence, her sultry and sexy moves amazed and aroused him and he longed to take her. As she danced she occasionally approached him and each time he thought he was about to get what he wanted but she stayed elusively out of reach. His mouth was dry in anticipation.

    The way her hips moved....

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  • Business Class Romp - the sexy story unfolds

  • 10th May 2011

  • Paul was a very industrious and creative individual. He also happened to know where the very hottest sex clubs were in the city. One of the best was owned by a friend of his and he made a point of going over to visit him. He had arranged to meet with his air hostess lover on her stopover in Boston. He told her to bring the right kind of clothing – oh and she might want to do some practising in front of a mirror he suggested.

    Chanel had done something even better. When she...

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  • Time for a Barbecue

  • 9th May 2011

  • The weather has been fantastic recently. I read somewhere that it has been one of the driest Mays on record. I noticed last weekend a reservoir that was clearly far short of its usual quota of water. It had been a long, long time since I had enjoyed a barbecue in the sun and so I decided on Saturday to get myself off to Home base and pick up a few barbecue essentials – I'm renting a house and it doesn't have anything beyond a large round wooden table.

    Anyway, I walked into the store...

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  • Getting Down to Business - 3

  • 7th May 2011

  • I walked in and to my surprise there was another woman there – standing with her back tome and dressed in a flight attendant's uniform not that dissimilar to my own, she had dark hair and the same build as Maria. How had he pulled this off I thought and then she turned and it wasn't Maria at all, though the young woman was just as beautiful and as sexy as my flight attendant colleague.

    Without any hesitation she turned and walked over to me and planted a long and smouldering kiss on my lips. Before long we were...

  • Getting Down to Business - 3 continues here

  • Business Class Romp - part 2

  • 6th May 2011

  • Then he turned me round and bent me over the washbasin, passionately thrusting deep into me and bringing me to orgasm. I then got on my knees and took him in my mouth until he too came. It was a fantastic, fabulous experience.

    We vowed to talk about our fantasies some more later – I couldn't wait to hear his and he said he would guarantee to make my second and third fantasies come true as well. He retired to his business class lounging seat and caught some sleep. I walked to the rear of the plane as if...

  • Business Class Romp - part 2 continues here

  • A fine romp in the luxury of Buisiness Class

  • 5th May 2011

  • Working as an air hostess I had often been propositioned by men but of course I had declined their offers and entreaties. That is, until I met Paul. Paul was a business class passenger on a trip from Heathrow to Boston and he charmed me with his easy manner, witty banter and I have to admit cheesy compliments that had me hook, line and sinker.

    He made me feel good and it was clear that he genuinely was interested and desired me. He wasn't just some guy hoping to join the mile high club with a tasty trolley dolly....

  • A fine romp in the luxury of Buisiness Class continues here

  • Voyeur - the final chapter

  • 4th May 2011

  • The video continued to record and I captured more electrifying photographs for my collection. One of these would be developed and placed in a giant frame in my secret room I thought to myself.

    “Why don’t you enjoy yourself” I said, “why not reach down and pleasure yourself...”

    “I’m so horny,” she said, “I need a man...” The words hung in the air and after what seemed an age she got up and reached over to me and pulled me down onto the chaise longue, loosening my shirt and pulling down on my zipper, unleashing my manhood.

    She took me in her mouth...

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  • One more time for The Voyeur

  • 3rd May 2011

  • Veronica had agreed to pose for me at my studio located in my secluded, romantic mansion in the country. She had arrived looking stunning in a sheer long white dress looking like a vision from some much admired pre-Raphaelite painting. Her beauty was breathtaking and she oozed sexiness. She was every red blooded male’s dream come true and I desired her almost more than life itself. And when she had begun to tell me about her sex life in the most intimate detail in front of my camera I was more turned on than words can express.

    Veronica continued: “I am...

  • One more time for The Voyeur continues here

  • The Voyeur finds physical satisfaction at last - chapter 6

  • 1st May 2011

  • Veronica caught me by surprise when she asked “how do you want me” but I quickly regained my composure as she meant in what position for the opening modelling shots. It wasn’t going to be that easy to win this girl’s heart and more importantly her body.

    “Stay as you are, that’s just perfect” I replied. The camera shutter clicked off a few shots and she moved sensuously on the chaise, seeking out the perfect sexy pose. I clicked some more.

    “Tell me about you” I said.

    “What are you interested...

  • The Voyeur finds physical satisfaction at last - chapter 6 continues here

  • The Voyeur 5 - pleasures of the flesh realised

  • 30th April 2011

  • It wasn’t long before Veronica agreed to model for me. She knew that I was no professional and probably just assumed I was rich and randy and to be fair she wasn’t wrong but I also felt that she wanted to see how the other half lived, and with her beauty why not? We arranged a time and I gave her instructions for how to get to the house. I knew the mile long approach and then the mansion set in hundreds of acres of grounds would impress her. I longed for the visit.


  • The Voyeur 5 - pleasures of the flesh realised continues here

  • Another look - the Voyeur part 4

  • 29th April 2011

  • When Jenny emerged in the baby doll she blew me away. She looked intensely sexy and nubile and I enjoyed the way that she frolicked and experimented with the camera. I asked her where the sexy look had come from. “I’m thinking about my girlfriend Sylvie” she said without artifice. “She turns me on. We play around like this at home in our bedroom, this baby doll is similar to one that I own...”

    “Could you show me what you do together?” I asked.

    “On my own or with Sylvie?”

    “With Sylvie would be good but would she agree?” I enquired.

    “I’ll ask her...

  • Another look - the Voyeur part 4 continues here

  • The Voyeur 3 - Jenny and Sylvie perform

  • 28th April 2011

  • In the meantime I had a date. Well, not a ‘date’ date but a young girl who was due to model for me. Today it would be a photographic session. The girl was a size six and slim, a short cropped hair cut and pouty lips. She was as nubile as they come, with a thirty four c cup chest and a good pert behind. Her name was Jennifer, or Jenny as she preferred to be called and she was being well paid for her work.

    I had selected various garments for her to model in. A sexy white basque to...

  • The Voyeur 3 - Jenny and Sylvie perform continues here

  • The Voyeur - part two

  • 27th April 2011

  • Veronica was something special. She worked as a waitress at a coffee shop in Bedford and I used to flirt outrageously and unfortunately rather amateurishly with her on a daily basis. She was the first woman to make me feel that a physical relationship may be as fulfilling as or even more fulfilling than my passion for voyeurism. And so I never asked her to model for me, never tried to entice her with the lure of big money to pose nude or semi-naked in my studio or in the gardens of my mansion outside of town. I never pulled...

  • The Voyeur - part two continues here

  • Love in the afternoon - the Voyeur part one

  • 26th April 2011

  • I have always been a voyeur. I enjoy watching more than doing. I don't know why that is but it's true and rather than deny my real and natural instincts I embrace them. It doesn't have to involve full on sex, I am just as happy watching a beautiful woman dancing naked in front of me, or reclining on a chaise longue and pleasuring herself, though sometimes I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch a wild orgy happening right beefore my very, thankful, eyes.

    I'm not unattractive - there have been occasions, not every day or even every...

  • Love in the afternoon - the Voyeur part one continues here

  • Black Leather in the Chamber of Love - the final chapter

  • 25th April 2011

  • Gemima’s secret room afforded her uninterrupted views of the bed where Anya was taking her lover Suzi to ecstasy. Gemima’s dvd camera was running all along, giving her yet another film for her collection which she could watch at her leisure. She would orgasm time and again on watching the tapes, especially the ones that involved a couple...

    Jeremy watched the two women caressing and kissing and exploring each others’ bodies. He knew, or thought he knew that he would enjoy both of these women and so was patient, waiting for one or both of them to come. Anya was clearly...

  • Black Leather in the Chamber of Love - the final chapter continues here

  • A third visit to the Chamber of Love

  • 22nd April 2011

  • Picking up Suzi and Jeremy had been pretty easy. They had gotten talking in the usual way and Gemima had explained that she had been stood up. She bought a bottle of champagne for the three of them – “I’m celebrating a new job!” – and then they retired to a secluded corner table, hand-picked by Gemima. Suzi was pretty high on something or other and Gemima ensured that more of the same kept coming. Meanwhile, Jeremy was already placing a hand on Gemima’s thigh under the table and his fingers knew no restraint as he sought out her pleasure...

  • A third visit to the Chamber of Love continues here

  • Chamber of love - part deux

  • 21st April 2011

  • Next door to the large living space or what Gemima called the seduction chamber was a very large sized bedroom though the entry was concealed behind a large bookcase in the hall. The bookcase was in fact on easy sliding rails and once a hidden flick was switched it would slide along to reveal the entrance door to the room.

    The room contained a two way mirror which afforded Gemima an uninterrupted view of the seduction chamber next door. It was elaborately and exquisitely furnished for what was in fact a torture chamber – and that was the second and third...

  • Chamber of love - part deux continues here

  • The Chamber of Love - Part 1

  • 20th April 2011

  • Gemima liked to watch. Even better was watching without being seen. She didn’t know when she became particularly interested in just looking. Though those that she ‘watched’ had to meet certain criteria. Now in her late twenties she didn’t question whether her interests and proclivities were right or wrong, she simply tried to have the experiences that she enjoyed. She was lucky to have been born into a wealthy family as this allowed her to indulge her passion in a way that other people could only have dreamt of and what’s more she could exercise her need for voyeurism as...

  • The Chamber of Love - Part 1 continues here

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