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  • Cold showers all round...

  • 15th November 2013

  • I’m a Celebrity returns to our screens at the weekend and I am sure there are plenty who are looking forward to more jungle japes, creepy critters and bush tucker trials but for me the real highlight of the show is the shower scene. You know the one, token sexy young model bathing in a revealing swim suit, her arms aloft as she massages the shampoo into her beautiful scalp whilst the rest of us men ogle her curves. Of course the iconic Myleene Klass in a white bikini takes some beating and we are yet to enjoy such a...

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  • If you have it, flaunt it!

  • 7th November 2013

  • There’s been an awful lot in the papers recently about young women being influenced by celebrities when it comes to fashion, attitudes and most especially sexuality. It would appear that certain sections of society are unhappy that young, healthy, sexually active women ‘flaunt’ their firm bodies in skimpy outfits and give the impression of being sexually interested and available. Well, hello. Young people wanting to emulate their idols, acting and dressing as they do isn’t exactly a recent phenomenon! It’s as old as time itself. Whether it was a strictly local thing, or with the advent of the written word...

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  • What a man wants in a woman

  • 21st October 2013

  • There is nothing in life that fills me with such pleasure as being with a beautiful woman who knows how to have a good time. But meeting such a girl can be a tough ask when you spend so much time on the road as I do. Living out of a suitcase and staying a night here and a night there in anonymous hotels, regardless of their quality, is no recipe for meeting the girl of your dreams never mind long term relationship success. And even if I am fortunate enough in the course of my work to meet a...

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  • Girls you can't get out of your head

  • 16th October 2013

  • Let’s start with the good news: Kylie is single. Yes, everyone’s favourite petite person, she of the delectable rear and deliciously pouty lips is back on the market. Apparently she has split with her latest lover due to work commitments. The bad news? Unless you are stinking rich, mega famous, ridiculously good looking and in your twenties or thirties you are unlikely to land a romantic assignation with the sexy superstar any time soon. Still, look on the bright side, you can still ogle her annual calendar in which she often strips to her undies and it will only set...

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  • Girls, girls, girls

  • 10th October 2013

  • Is it just me or are there more beautiful women around today than there used to be? I was just walking down the high street the other day and I saw a bevy of beauties, a whole host of gorgeous girls with slim figures and a confidence that belied their age. Today’s fashions are quite uncompromising – just witness the leggings that bear a closer relation to tights than trousers and imagine how in tune with yourself – and so having a slim and sexy figure is an essential if you want to be on trend. Yet, there they were,...

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  • Relaxed and ready for fun

  • 7th October 2013

  • When I think about how difficult it was to book an escort in the days before the internet, not to mention how much uncertainty and doubt surrounding whether your chosen girl was the real deal, I am more than thankful for the World Wide Web. Today if you desire intimate companionship for an hour, two, or a longer period all you need do is go online. But is it really that simple? The answer is yes and no!

    First of all there are lots of web sites offering the services of an escort. Each and every one will feature photographs of...

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  • Even more lovely in the flesh

  • 1st October 2013

  • Samantha was tall, statuesque, slim and drop dead gorgeous. When I had first seen her in the escort gallery I thought she looked too good to be true. Surely the escort agency had simply lifted the pictures of some model or other from the internet and posted them on the site. Or perhaps they had used some computer trickery to enhance her photographic portfolio. I hesitated, wondering if I was about to be disappointed. Then I read the information on the site and was reassured. The blurb stated that all of the photographs were real, of genuine girls and untouched...

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  • Undeniable virtues

  • 30th September 2013

  • When I was out with the lads the other night we got talking about what it is about women that most turns us on. I will not reveal all that was said here, especially because one of the guys who had a little too much of the sauce inadvertently let us in on his many fetishes! At first we thought he was just pulling our legs but once we realised he wasn’t joking we didn’t know whether to laugh or show him a little respect. Look, different folks, different strokes right?

    Anyway for some guys it was a particular body shape...

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  • Appreciate her charms

  • 25th September 2013

  • Was I going to get anywhere with the hot, wine loving chicks at the club? After an hour of listening to someone explaining the difference between a Claret and a Cabernet Sauvignon (by the way I now know that a Claret is actually a Bordeaux so I learned something whilst I was surreptitiously eying up the top totty) I was at the point of giving up the ghost and instead calling on the expert services of a stunning escort from Bedfordshire Escorts. I had spent a couple of hours in the company of an escort only a few days earlier...

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  • Bag yourself a hot model

  • 24th September 2013

  • There are loads of web sites on the internet that purport to give you advice that is guaranteed to get the girl. Having studied many of them I can only say that some of the techniques that are discussed seem sensible but some of the other stuff is nonsense. No matter how many tips and tricks I have at my disposal I am never going to seduce Kylie Minogue! The fact is that many of the sex and dating gurus are actually quite good looking guys and so, regardless of what they say, they already have an advantage over an...

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  • The evening was perfect

  • 23rd September 2013

  • The evening was going well. I had managed to inveigle myself into the company of three hot Eastern European girls and all the signs were in my favour. I was playing it cool and being careful not to come on too strong with any one of the three lest I miss out on the one that actually did like me. I was also consciously trying to cultivate the idea of all four of us going back to my hotel room for an after pub party. You never know what might happen in the dead of night and with a few...

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  • Slinky, sensual and so eager to please

  • 30th August 2013

  • Today’s blog is for the fashion conscious among you, especially those stylish and sophisticated Bedfordshire Escorts who like to be on trend! Snakeskin is back! No, not Snake Plisken from Escape to New York although I am sure that many sexy young women would be more than happy to enjoy a bit of that Snake’s skin, but instead the actual thing, the skin of a snake used to craft a garment.

    All of the major C list celebrities have been seen donning the former attire of a Boa Constrictor including Kimberley Walsh, cute Cat Deeley, extra sexy Sofia Vergara and one...

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  • Naughty and ever so nice

  • 29th August 2013

  • Is it just me or is a ‘onesie’ really, really sexy? There is something about the soft, all enveloping fabric and the way that it embraces a woman’s curves. The fact that unlike lingerie there is an element of effort required to gain access to the soft skin of your girl adds a frisson of excitement as does the nature of the garment, concealing as it does more of a woman’s body thus making the seduction and the strip tease even more exciting. It may not be everyone’s idea of passion igniting bedroom attire but it certainly works for me:...

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  • Girls with a naughty side

  • 28th August 2013

  • Today we continue our series on how to seduce the girl of your dreams by focussing on foreplay.

    We have created the right ambience, the music is playing softly in the background, the candles are flickering and the smell of incense hangs in the air. Sitting next to your girl on the living room sofa you are tempted to cut to the chase so that you can have the ultimate of human experiences – sex. Why delay something so sweet, so enlivening, and so invigorating. This is why – you want to make the most of the occasion, you want the...

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  • Time to have fun

  • 27th August 2013

  • There is something so sexy about the Rio Carnival. All of those bootylicious babes swaying to the music whilst clad in the most outrageous and revealing of outfits. I swear some of the girls get by with half a dozen sequins to cover their modesty! What really makes the ambience so special of course is the incredible weather. Who doesn’t want to strip naked when it’s warm and sunny? And after all, no one wants to get a chill.

    So, when I read about the street carnival taking place in London over the weekend my first thought was for the well-being...

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  • Keep it exciting

  • 27th August 2013

  • Keeping your sex life in high gear takes effort. The people who have the best sex recognise this and actively pursue ways to keep things alive, exciting and satisfying. In today’s blog on the psychology of sex we look at what can be done to keep your sex life on the boil.

    How do you improve at anything? By practise of course and the same applies to your skill as a lover, you need to spend as much time in the saddle as you can and learn what works for your woman. Of course that is only one part of the...

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  • The answer to your prayers

  • 22nd August 2013

  • Dear Bedfordshire Escorts, my boss has it in for me and yet again he’s sent me on a business trip whilst insisting I stay at a drab, mediocre, soul-less, chain hotel a good five miles from the airport! It’s the same one I was in just over a week ago and I dread returning. There’s no swimming pool, no satellite channels, the bar area is brightly lit and as far removed from a cool and trendy wine bar as one can imagine and of course there are no women to be seen. Sitting in my magnolia painted hotel room, staring...

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  • We say 'yes, yes, yes!'

  • 13th August 2013

  • I guess the band name Girl’s Aloud is meant to be self-knowing and ironic, a reference to little boys being made from slugs and snails and pretty little princesses being prim, proper and ever so quiet. The third generation girl power band however didn’t particularly advance any sort of feminist ideology, preferring instead to perform half-dressed to the delight of teenage boys everywhere. Now that the band have spit up the solo careers of the five original members have had mixed results, with one of the girls becoming the darling of the country – according to the tabloids – whilst...

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  • For men with great taste in women

  • 8th August 2013

  • I can’t say that I am a big fan of Simon Cowell but you have to give him his due, he has great taste in women. As a singleton he certainly enjoys spending time with the ladies. He clearly must have something about him that makes him so attractive. Oh yes, I’ve just remembered what that is. (Is it his charismatic personality? Ed.) A yacht!

    The media mogul’s wealth is estimated at many millions and whilst I do not think he actually owns one of those five hundred million pound floating mansions he regularly rents them and at a cost of...

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  • Perfectly natural

  • 2nd August 2013

  • Over at Airport Escorts we began a series on the secret world of escorts, an insider’s guide if you like. In the first article we discussed the physical allure of a stunning girl, an obvious reason why men the world over love to be with a visiting escort. It’s the most obvious reason of course, as a guy would have to be suffering from some kind of mental block if he didn’t find the stunning models on these pages devastatingly sexy. And when you add to that the scantily clad nature of the photographs, with each girl keen to show...

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  • In pursuit of a pretty woman

  • 31st July 2013

  • It’s that time of year when the sun shines and all of the beautiful people strip down to the skimpiest of outfits and parade their god given attributes for all the world to see. Visit any beach anywhere in the world and you cannot fail to be impressed by the gorgeous girls in tiny bikinis, their nubile bodies honed and toned to perfection. Terrible isn’t it? I know what you are thinking, what is he on about? It’s a real thrill to watch the world go by when the world consists of beachwear models! But the thing is you see...

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  • Sexy sweethearts

  • 29th July 2013

  • If it’s good enough for Sherlock it is certainly good enough for us. Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the eponymous sleuth was pictured on a beach at the weekend with his Russian girlfriend. They have been an item for a couple of years apparently. The tall and unusual looking English actor has a history of hot lovers behind him and this girl certainly measures up to the best of them. Tall, blonde and slim she is the epitome of an ice cold, hot blooded temptress and in a bikini she is more than pleasing to the eye.

    It’s not that long ago...

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  • Bad girls just want to have fun

  • 25th July 2013

  • They say that ‘women love a bad boy’, but is that really the case? After all it could hardly be in a girl’s interest to be with someone who is mean to them? The perception that a sexy lady likes her man to be something of a player is underpinned by sayings such as “treat ‘em mean to keep ‘em keen” but I can’t say that I am convinced.

    In my own personal experience I have known girls who liked a rough guy, even at school there were sweet girls who would be picked up by an older boyfriend on his...

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  • The place to meet sexy women

  • 23rd July 2013

  • I have a friend who complains that he never meets any sexy or interesting women. When I ask him where he goes to socialise his answer reveals all, the trendy wine bars across Hertfordshire and in the smoke. Now you may think that such places are ideal stamping grounds for lusty Lotharios and willing women but in fact they are an absolute nightmare when it comes to dating. For starters these days most women go out in large groups. The girls’ night out may be a great example of girl power but it isn’t that much help to a guy...

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  • No need for innuendo

  • 19th July 2013

  • I didn’t realise it but when you are attempting to seduce a woman they may decide to employ trick questions to trip you up and then they will reject your advances. I know it sounds unbelievable but according to the experts on men’s dating advice sites it is true. Here’s an example: a woman is feeling a little insecure and in her heart of hearts she knows that you are attractive and able to date other women. She may ask you if she has a chance with such a hunk. This is a loaded question. If you say the wrong...

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  • Girls who will rock your world

  • 17th July 2013

  • A friend has just returned from a beach holiday which he described as a ‘nightmare’. The problem you see wasn’t that the weather was inclement or that his hotel room was not up to scratch or even that the flights were delayed. The problem was the women. But not just any women as he described it, the sexy, beautiful, long legged bikini girls who dominated the beaches at his upmarket resort.

    According to my pal there were beautiful girls everywhere. With the resort attracting wealthy guys with sexy sports cars his theory was that the girls were like moths to a...

  • Girls who will rock your world continues here

  • All that you hoped for and more

  • 15th July 2013

  • It was everything I hoped it would be, a coming together of two healthy, lusty and passionate people with only one thing on their minds: pleasure. There is something uniquely liberating about having sex for the sake of it, abandoning the social conventions of courtship and simply letting yourself be horny. I was ravenous for his body and he couldn’t get enough of mine, his stamina taking me to levels I had never known before or in fact since. Jimmy had always played it cool with me in public but now when we were alone the sex action was red...

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  • A midnight kiss

  • 11th July 2013

  • The party was in full swing. We had parked up the bikes and hitched the tents and then a bunch of us had headed off down on to the local beach where we built a fire and began to make our way through the case of beer. If I say so myself I was looking good. For once I had ditched the all leather get up and instead was going with the hippy chic thing. My soft and curled blonde hair was loose, the ringlets cascading about my face and over my shoulders. I wore a flowered bandana and had...

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  • The very definition of allure

  • 9th July 2013

  • I was looking through the gallery of gorgeous girls at Bedfordshire Escorts the other day and marvelling at how many stunning models are available for intimate companionship. The sexy escorts are unrivalled for beauty, charm and personality and I know from experience that the Bedfordshire girls are adept at making any moment that much more special. But perusing the many lovely ladies I challenged myself to pick out my five favourites. The task proved nigh on impossible. Sure, we all have personal tastes and so for instance a man might whittle down a list by eliminating any brunettes or redheads....

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  • Feel Alive!

  • 4th July 2013

  • I had managed to strike up a conversation with Claudia, a sexy girl in her twenties and about to spend a night in a hotel ready for an early flight the next day. She was married to Henry, a fifty something businessman who was obviously doing quite well for himself if the number of bottles of champagne he ordered was anything to go by. They were on their third, or to be more precise, we were on our third.

    When Henry had been ordering a second bottle I had inveigled my way into his wife’s company, exchanging small talk about holidays,...

  • Feel Alive! continues here

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