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  • Delicious desire

  • 28th June 2013

  • Having introduced me to Danielle and Monique my gracious hostess made a space for me and took my sopping wet overcoat, a cheap nylon monstrosity that was ill designed to withstand the teeming English rain. Whilst I felt a little self-conscious in my buttoned up blouse and woollen cardigan Vivienne betrayed no sign of snobbery or of being any better than me, and I was grateful to her for that. The same couldn’t be said of the girls however who giggled and whispered under their breath.

    Monique and Danielle could not have been much older than me; I guessed they were...

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  • Wallow in the moment

  • 20th June 2013

  • It was my first experience of a threesome but it felt so natural. I had often fantasised about what it would be like but in reality it was so much better than in my imagination. For one thing I believed that it would be all about the man and his pleasure whilst in fact Susan paid as much attention to my needs as she did to James. For him he seemed happy enough to watch his two women making love, our wild and wanton sex games turning him on and driving him to ever greater heights of ecstasy. I am...

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  • The song of Sappho

  • 17th June 2013

  • We arrived at George’s place and he immediately ushered us into his front room. For city standards it was huge, with a high ceiling and all the fixtures and fittings you would expect in a period house. He explained to me it had been in his family for generations and was late Victorian. It just said ‘money’ to me and I thought about how you could fit my apartment into the place many times over. Hermione was less impressed. One of the youngest chief executives in the business, the twenty four year old go getter was rather well to do...

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  • By George what a beauty!

  • 13th June 2013

  • The only disappointment for me was that I hoped that we would be approached by two guys. I was more than experienced when it came to spending time alone with one man or one woman and on more than one occasion I had enjoyed a hot sex session with two others – the first time with my ex-boyfriend Rob and one of his mates. But I had never enjoyed a fun party that could be better described as an orgy. I don’t know what the dictionary definition of an orgy is but in my mind it involved at least four...

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  • Live for the moment

  • 10th June 2013

  • I was eighteen, uncertain of myself, fresh faced and fancy free. I had just completed my final exams and had everything in front of me. Alone at an end of term party a favourite teacher had approached me and asked me about my future. I’d explained my intentions but felt a little uneasy in her presence. I felt there was something unsaid about the encounter. She looked at me in a certain way, a way I associated with desire. Jennifer was very beautiful and assured and she dressed in designer clothes which really set off her lithe and toned body....

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  • You just have to whistle

  • 7th June 2013

  • I arrived home from the photo session with Dave only to find Ted on my doorstep. He wanted to thank me for the other night, when a girlfriend and I put on a sexy show for him. The sweet old dear had even bought me chocolates and a bottle of champagne. I realised that it must have been a real treat for him, he lived alone and was in his early seventies I guessed and it was probably some time since he had last seen a woman naked in the flesh. Given there had been two of us and we...

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  • She will blow your mind

  • 5th June 2013

  • As I walked back from the ladies’ room the guy who had been watching me stepped in front and blocked my way. His eyes locked on mine and he mouthed the words “I want you” silently, adding “now!” I shook my head and whispered ‘later’ in his ear, ‘room 237” and then I walked off, back to my date, the gorgeous Polish escort Anna.

    Anna smiled at me, an enticing, knowing smile that made me go all soft and fuzzy inside. She was dressed exactly as I asked, wearing a short tan trench coat and high heels. Beneath the coat she...

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  • A first time for anything

  • 3rd June 2013

  • I work days as a temp, a stand in secretary for businesses all over the City, and that has led me to spend time with some very interesting and powerful older men who know how to treat a woman, even if she is more mistress than long term partner.

    All in all I wanted to introduce more adventure in my life and given my looks, personality and outlook on life I began to think that the rewards of being an escort went far beyond mere monetary recompense. It was a way of living life to the full and I mean really...

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  • Sending a chill down your spine

  • 25th May 2013

  • If seeing a ghost isn’t shocking enough how about seeing your girlfriend getting it on with your best friend? A Tasmanian man was so spooked by mystery noises in his house that he set up a secret camera which he believed would catch a poltergeist in the act. Unfortunately for him when he came to review the footage he found explicit images of his sexy young partner having a whale of a time in the nude with his mate. How he must have felt we can only guess but that must have spooked him and sent a chill down his...
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  • What an experience!

  • 18th May 2013

  • There are some advantages to growing older. To start with one is more patient, more appreciative of the good things in life. It is also the case that life takes on a different perspective, almost as if for the first time one can see the wood from the trees. When one is young there is an almost headlong rush to get to the next destination, whether that be the next job, the next girlfriend, the next car or the first mortgage! Being so caught up in the everyday means that you can sometimes miss out on what’s important. The...

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  • From Honey to Zara, beauties all

  • 14th May 2013

  • In our previous alphabet of escorts we only reached the letter G and it seems only fair that we must do justice to each and every one of the unparalleled beauties that make up this escort agency. When it comes to H, hot is the obvious adjective to describe Honey and Harley whilst I must be skipped in pursuit of J, the letter of choice for delectable Julia, sexy Jenni and fun loving Jo. K is for Kim, a seductive siren and also for busty beauty Kirsty as well as the lovely Kate, captivating Karina and the tempting Kiya. The...

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  • A renaissance for romance

  • 3rd May 2013

  • In an age of explicit representations of sex, in fact at a time when the real deal can be witnessed at the click of a mouse button I think we will see a renaissance for romance and romantic movies. When everything and more is available on tap I believe people will instinctively want to bring back seduction, flirting and nuance.

    I was watching Skyfall the other day and a couple of scenes in the film surprised me. They were laced with eroticism yet hardly an inch of flesh was bared. The first scene was in Goa where Bond is recuperating and...

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  • Fun, fun, fun!

  • 29th April 2013

  • To each their own the saying goes and I was reminded of this in a conversation with a friend the other day when we were both extolling the virtues of sexy visiting escorts and yet we both had completely different ideas in our heads. For my friend the idea of a sophisticated, confident, long limbed blonde in a little black dress, clutch bag in hand and tottering on extra tall high heels was the embodiment of escort perfection. For me it was quite the opposite, my girl will also be blonde but she will have a hippy chic style. If...

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  • Credit where it's due!

  • 24th April 2013

  • You may have noticed the new shield on our website featuring the logo of The United Kingdom Society of Escort Agencies (UKSEA). It is a symbol of our accreditation as a quality escort agency providing a high level of service and satisfaction to our clients. We take great pride in being an agency with a longstanding record of focussing on providing only the very best service and the very best escorts to the discerning customers who return to us time and time again.

    You may also have noticed the new, gorgeous girls who have recently joined our agency. We are dedicated...

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  • A steamy affair

  • 17th April 2013

  • Her name was Madeline and I have to say that I was madly in lust with her. We had only known each other for a matter of minutes but there was something about her demeanour that made her irresistible. I’m not pretending that her physical appearance didn’t play a part, a large part at that, but there was also something about her poise, her aura. Crazy, I know but there it is. I have dated plenty of visiting escorts and know sexy when I see it but this was woman was something else.

    She was a little older than my usual...

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  • The complete package

  • 11th April 2013

  • Becky was a stunning girl and it was only later that I discovered that she worked as an escort as well as dealing with the reception duties at my mate’s classic car business. She had been in the country six months and was already worrying that her work visa would run out soon, though she hoped that she would be able to stay as she was having a ball in England she told me.

    Growing up on a rural sheep farm in West Wyalong, Western Australia had been a tough existence, especially for a girl with her looks and figure and...

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  • A sexy show

  • 2nd April 2013

  • Tamara was oblivious to my concerns, and she pulled me down on top of her, eager to make love, her blood up and her desire at its peak. I could tell she was confused when I did not respond, but instead I supported my body on my rigid arms and strained to better hear the unmistakeable sounds that said someone else was in the room with us. It was difficult to hear over the sound of the shower. All thoughts of sex were now at the back of my mind, I was more concerned about our safety.

    “There’s nothing to worry...

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  • Sensual secrets

  • 22nd March 2013

  • “Tamara, you’re here with your boyfriend, we shouldn’t be doing this.” I lied.

    I knew that Tamara had seen Dave climbing the stairs to the bedrooms, two very hot and sexy girls in tow. There could be no doubt that the three of them intended to enjoy a passionate romp, the way that Veronica and Sally wiggled their behinds, looked over their shoulders and even kissed each other on the way up was all for Tamara’s benefit. It was clear the two young women were enjoying the fact they had stolen Tamara’s boyfriend and were now going to give him the...

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  • Soft, sensuous and sexy

  • 14th March 2013

  • Veronica was sex on a stick; I have already established that fact. But even this girl outdid herself that night. I almost crashed the car into the kerb when I first saw her stepping out of the wine bar where she had been meeting a friend before joining us to go to the party.

    Whilst I had already been more than turned on by Sally in her skimpy white outfit, Veronica was even more outrageous in her choice of attire. The short black leather mini skirt clung to her fine buttocks. The black mesh vest she wore gave a tantalising glimpse...

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  • In the depths of desire

  • 4th March 2013

  • If the average guy was asked to list the qualities of the ideal visiting escort what would he say? I imagine that for many men the first thought would be about looks. But then different folks and different strokes and all that! Whilst there are plenty of men out there who are turned on by the thought of a blonde there are an equal number who prefer a brunette escort. For every guy who says tall and slim would be prerequisites there are others who would say they like nothing better than a curvy girl. An English rose do it...

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  • Luscious lips and sexy hips

  • 28th February 2013

  • I had my arm around G’s shoulder now and pulled her close, enjoying the feel of her soft flesh against mine. I sensed that she too was enjoying the illicit film and I wondered whether we would find it so much of a turn on that it would rekindle our passion for each other.

    There was a kind of sexy detachment watching my other self on screen, as I sashayed my hips, moving in time to the rhythmic chanting of the initiates. I didn’t realise that I had been so sensual. So attuned to the moment and I was longing to...

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  • Delicious in diamante

  • 12th February 2013

  • The car arrived on the dot at eight pm. I wondered if Genevieve’s father was driving but as usual there was no sign of him, as I approached the door automatically swung open, controlled from the driver’s seat. I was wearing a comfortable onesie, pumps and had my hair up in a tidy bun. I clutched the bag with the ‘costume’, my make-up and high heeled shoes. I would get changed at the house.

    I had also brought along a little something extra, a device I had purchased from a local shop where a male friend of mine worked. I say...

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  • Ready for a real man

  • 5th February 2013

  • I had dropped a real clanger by revealing that I knew what Rod and Kirsty had been up to and Rod was, obviously, more than a little irritated to say the least. I expected him to blow his top but to be fair he kept his usual temper in check for once and after seething for a few seconds he laughed. When his face lit up and he winked at me asking if I had enjoyed the show I saw a whole new side to him.

    “You know, when you’re chilled you can be quite an attractive man” I said, “...

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  • An attentive girl loving her man

  • 31st January 2013

  • The man’s voice took me by surprise. I was in something of a daze and had only a partial recollection of the events of the night before but I remembered that at some point Genevieve had abandoned me and joined the rest of the initiates in the galleried landing. Was she involved some way in the group or had I missed something? Perhaps in the midst of all the extraordinary events I had lost track of time and in fact Genevieve had taken part in a sex ritual herself before she left me.

    Either way, I wanted to find out and...

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  • A sexy girl in seven inch heels

  • 25th January 2013

  • It was eight o’clock and the big black limousine duly arrived outside our apartment building ready to transport Genevieve and I to the party. The date was much anticipated and I had played out the night’s events many times in my head. I was pleased with one thing; the instructions had stipulated that we were to remain silent at all times. That suited me down to the ground because I feared that I would just embarrass myself if I opened my mouth. When I am nervous or uncomfortable in a situation I tend to say the first thing that comes...

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  • Sexy stockings make the difference

  • 21st January 2013

  • You know someone is wealthy when at the drop of a hat they can have a table at a top London restaurant without even having to book in advance. I know that Desmond didn’t choose the venue to impress, for him it was probably an everyday event but for me, well I was impressed. Despite telling myself repeatedly that I wouldn’t let his money sway my feelings I found my resistance crumbling and had to fight the urge to retreat into stereotypical dizzy blonde fawning. I knew that he wanted me, that much had been plain when he had come...

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  • The Good Girl - Chapter 2

  • 17th January 2013

  • It had been a usual Friday night when she met Dominic. The club was packed, heaving with revellers, the dance floor a mass of bobbing humanity, drinks flowing as well as the usual happy pills. The queue for the bar was three deep and so she had been very busy, too busy to notice the well-dressed hunky guy staring at her from across the room.

    When Sarah took a break and stood at the rear of the club enjoying a cigarette he introduced himself. She had looked him up and down and liked what she saw, though she was desperate to...

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  • Winter warmers!

  • 14th January 2013

  • It may resemble Alaska outside your front door but rest assured the girls at Bedfordshire Visiting Escort Services are far from ice maidens. These hot girls will bring sunshine and a sensual massage into your home or hotel and you will soon forget the two inches of snow that’s corralled your car in the drive. And anyway, what a fabulous excuse to stay in, turn up the central heating and crack open a bottle of bubble, knowing that your lovely model escort is a stone’s throw away and will soon be a knocking!

    There’s something ever so romantic about a winter...

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  • Sexy confidence of an alluring woman

  • 4th January 2013

  • You have to hand it to Heff, he always gets the girl in the end! And what a girl! A year after the lovely Crystal Harris, regular Playboy playmate of the month, got cold feet she finally tied the knot with the media mogul. At eighty six Hugh Heffner is no spring chicken and given that his new blushing bride (can a Playboy centrefold ever be described as ‘blushing’?) is a virginal twenty six, the age gap must be giving him some sleepless nights, as well as the constant need to go to the bathroom – allegedly! Only joking Heff,...

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  • Super escort nation!

  • 27th December 2012

  • The man behind such screen classics as Thunderbirds and Joe Ninety has gone to meet the ultimate puppeteer in the sky. Many of the male readers of this escort blog will no doubt have grown up on a diet of Jerry Anderson’s ‘Supermarionation’ – basically combining three words to make one exciting sounding descriptor (there was nothing ‘super’ about the way in which animation and marionettes were mixed in Thunderbirds or any of the other creations of Anderson’s studio) – and can probably name half the characters of the shows – ‘people’ such as Lady Penelope, the sex kitten with...

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