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  • Merry Christmas from Bedfordshire Escorts

  • 21st December 2012

  • Ding dong merrily on high! Yes Christmastime is once more upon us and in a few short days Santa will be squeezing down your chimney, raiding your whiskey and having a sneaky snog with the missus! Don’t let the red cheeked fat man have all the fun! Book a sexy escort from Bedfordshire Escorts and bring a little yuletide joy into your life. Imagine the festive scene as your gorgeous girl helps you unwrap your present in front of the romantic open fire! There’s only one cracker we think is worth pulling and that is a sensual busty escort from...

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  • The perfect woman is only a phone call away

  • 17th December 2012

  • In the book and film ‘The Stepford Wives’ men replace their partners with robot replicas. The new ‘women’ are always happy, docile, don’t nag and of course the inference is that they are always up for it, no headache tablets required. Science Fiction of course was always a way of commenting on society but being set in the future or in suggesting technology that didn’t exist it could relate its message obliquely. The Stepford Wives then was a treatise on female emancipation, male desire and the basic relationship between the male and female of the species. But the funny thing...

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  • A liking for lingerie

  • 4th December 2012

  • It’s that time of year, when men up and down the country walk sheepishly into department stores and linger idly around the lingerie, casual like, whilst checking out the hot undies that they think would look good on their girl. (Of course it’s the gift that keeps on giving – we buy the undies as much for our pleasure as we do for theirs!) We’ve all been there, hiding away between the racks of bras and panties in Marks and Sparks wondering just how raunchy and racy we can be. And then, having chosen the perfect garments that will make...

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  • Everything a man could desire

  • 3rd November 2012

  • One of the problems with looking at beautiful visiting escorts every day is that you begin to fantasise about each and every one of them. The number of romantic dinners I have enjoyed, the candlelight, champagne, the clink of glasses – all in my head of course but you, oh lucky man, can pick up that phone and call Bedfordshire Escorts and have the most sensual, sexy of special ladies at your door within an hour. Imagine the joy of spending time with a real life, warm blooded, busty escort babe. The thrill of the encounter, getting to know...

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  • Will you still feel me...?

  • 26th October 2012

  • I think it’s fair to say that youth is much cherished in a woman, more so than a man. A man may be sixty but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sparkle in his eye when it comes to enjoying the fine form of a gorgeous twenty something girl. It’s quite usual in society to see an older man with a younger woman, very rare indeed to see an older woman with a younger man. In fact the word ‘cougar’ makes it sound as though such women are predatory, whereas the phrase ‘sugar daddy’ also casts the woman in...

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  • You're the sexy girl that I want, ooh, ooh, oohhhh

  • 19th October 2012

  • There’s a picture of the super rich and super sexy Tamara Ecclestone in the papers today with the hot girl dressed as Sandy from Grease. I wonder if she needed any help getting into those skin tight satin pants – if you’re having problems next time love just give me a shout! She actually looks sexier than the original purveyor of the pants, Olivia Newton John, mostly because she actually has some curves and her pouting red lipsticked lips are very appealing. The only problem with the photograph really is that instead of standing in front of a nineteen fifties...

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  • Getting you in the mood for love

  • 10th October 2012

  • “We all love eating chocolate” proclaims an article in a national newspaper this morning. Apparently the reasons for this psychological and physical craving are myriad if not profound. It tastes nice – allegedly a chemical called phenylethylamine (more of a mouthful than a King Size Mars bar) stimulates a reaction is the brain that is identical to the feelings we experience when we fall in love – or when we meet a gorgeous visiting escort from Bedfordshire escorts perhaps.

    Chocolate also tops up our magnesium levels, and this sis the mineral that helps protect us from problems caused by excessive...

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  • Your very own Princess

  • 24th September 2012

  • I never got Taylor Swift, she was always too insipid for me and I guess the fact that I don’t listen to much country music played a part too. But there is a picture of her in the paper today and she looks as sexy as a Bedfordshire escort at her best! There is something about her outfit, spangly top and black shorts, top hat and heels that is affecting me in ways that can only be imagined and not explained. Perhaps I am a secret Judy Garland fan but despite the theatrical nature of her outfit I think she...

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  • A naughty situation

  • 14th September 2012

  • Carrying on with the theme of Celebrity Big Brother the one thing that irritated me more than most, and let’s face it there are always things that get under your skin when you watch a bunch of self-obsessed celebrities vying for attention, it was Coleen Nolan. I accidentally caught a glimpse of her yesterday on ‘Loose Woman’, that execrable, man hating, opinionated, air head programme where middle aged woman rant about all things male and conclude that they are the real masters of the universe and their husbands are useless. To be fair, if the guys they are with want...

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  • Big Brother Beauty too hot to handle

  • 3rd September 2012

  • Have you been watching the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother? It’s been one of the best and especially so because it featured two gorgeous and nubile glamour models in the form of page three’s very own Rhian and the FHM hottie Danika! The only disappointment is that both girls have been voted out! To see Danika or Double D as I like to call her parading around in her skimpies and constantly bend over wearing only the tiniest of panties has been a real treat and of course given her undeniable allure the guys have been fighting over her.


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  • Sexy girls who are all woman!

  • 20th July 2012

  • For those clients of Bedfordshire escorts who know me it may be hard to believe but I didn’t feel attractive or sexy until I was in my twenties. I was the proverbial ugly duckling, a late bloomer who spent much of her youth in baggy tops and jeans, lacking the self-confidence to show off my developing curves. It was only when a close friend – a sexy girl with whom I experienced my first ever sexy girl on girl action in my late teens – persuaded me to ditch the dull wardrobe for once when we were going to...

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  • Is that a suspect package in your pants?

  • 18th July 2012

  • In this era of global terrorism you just can’t be too careful and of course with the Olympics about to be in full flow there will undoubtedly be a need to get an even tighter grip on things but the security staff at one airport surely took it too far when they arrested a man simply because he had a very large penis! To be fair he wasn’t so much arrested as detained but what is the world coming too when your manhood can be confused for an explosive package?

    Thirty one year old Jonah Falcon was stopped as he attempted...

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  • A taste of paradise

  • 16th July 2012

  • I can’t say I’m convinced by the latest trend for floral print clothing, especially not when it involves being covered head to toe in tropical prints. One is sure to stand out in the crowd but sometimes you just want to blend into the background and I’m afraid that the flowery fashion now being promoted by various celebs and many a fashion house is just not for me. I speak up as a friend of mine at the escort agency; a beautiful and usually well-dressed brunette escort has turned up this morning in a cat suit that wouldn’t be out...

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  • For a special occasion you need a special girl

  • 13th July 2012

  • It’s only July but I have already started seeing adverts for parties on New Year’s Eve! Last year I ventured to the big smoke to enjoy the fabulous fireworks that illuminated the Thames but I am tempted to stay closer to home this time out. Whilst it was great to be in the ultimate party town it was so busy that it was a struggle to get a drink in a bar and the less said about the cost of entry into a nightclub the better, and that was if you could get in at all with queues stretching around...

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  • Inject some spice into your life

  • 11th July 2012

  • I have a friend who is constantly checking up on her long term partner, accessing his email account, looking at his texts and going through his call records. She says that it isn’t that she doesn’t trust him but that she just feels better when she knows what he’s been up to. I’m sorry but this kind of behaviour has a name and it’s bunny boiler! I’ve even told her so but the ex visiting escort has stated categorically that she intends to carry on with the practice. When I asked her if her partner knew and if he found...

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  • A sporting chance of sexy fun

  • 7th July 2012

  • There can be few more glamorous sporting professions than formula one motor racing driver if the pictures of Jenson Button enjoying a sexy sun soaked time on a luxury yacht in the French Riviera are anything to go by! Ok, I can’t pretend that I have ever driven a car at two hundred miles an hour around a rain lashed race track with tyre spray limiting visibility and Lewis Hamilton trying to cut me up, in fact I have never much got above sixty as my nineteen seventies Mini just doesn’t like it, but I do know that it’s a...

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  • Sexy girls living a life through the lens

  • 5th July 2012

  • Whenever I go on holiday I attract an awful lot of male attention as you can imagine, especially when I am lying on a sun kissed beach somewhere wearing only the skimpy bottoms of my bikini and allowing the rest of my nubile, toned torso to enjoy the warming and tanning rays of a hot sun. At only twenty two years of age I have not had to resort just yet to a boob job to have a pert bosom and at a generous thirty six c cup I have plenty up top. This sexy escort also have a very...

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  • Licensed to thrill

  • 3rd July 2012

  • The new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ is out this autumn and as usual every red blooded male has been on the edge of their bed waiting to see who the sexy new Bond girl will be. Well the wait is over as pictures have been released to the press revealing the hot French actress Berenice Malohe in all her glory. The slim and toned brunette looks great in her skimpies, as sexy as a visiting escort from Bedfordshire escorts. She has the most delicious pout and haunting hazel eyes and her thick, long, luscious hair is ever so enticing. No...

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  • Sexy Asian escorts waiting for your call

  • 30th June 2012

  • You have to admire Rupert Murdoch and not just because of his mega fortune, his powerful influence over fifty per cent of the media or his chutzpah when dealing with the Leveson inquiry. No, what I admire most about the octogenarian is that he bagged himself such a gorgeous young wife in the sexy Wendy Deng. Regular readers of this visiting escort blog will know my sexual proclivities: as a bi-sexual busty escort I enjoy dalliances with hot young women as well as lusty men and I do have a certain thing for Asian beauties like Ms Deng. In fact...

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  • Footloose and fancy free

  • 27th June 2012

  • Jennifer Lopez has always been one of my idols not least because she has never been afraid to make the most of her big booty. There was a time when a larger than average posterior on a woman was something to deride but not anymore and it’s good to see that guys who like a bit of meat on a momma are getting their just deserts. The rise and rise of the whole bootylicious thing has been a joy to behold for those hot girls like me who are slim just about everywhere else but have a nice round rear...

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  • Marriage, love and sex

  • 25th June 2012

  • I read a startling fact in a national newspaper this morning: apparently after two years of marriage one in five couples only have sex ten times a year. I was going to write ‘enjoy’ but the quality of the coupling isn’t reported so I will leave it at the bare bones. Sex less than once a month? I would shrivel and die if that were me. If ever there was a statistic which should frighten men off marriage then that is it though of course I am jumping to conclusions that it is the wife and not the husband who...

  • Marriage, love and sex continues here

  • Run to the super hot escorts

  • 22nd June 2012

  • What could be better than two extra hot sexy girls wearing skimpy outfits for an afternoon jog in the open air? Well, how about three leggy lovelies? Sugababe Heidi Range was joined by pals Roxanne Pallett and Christine Bleakley on a five kilometre run in aid of charity, wearing only the tightest of tank tops and very sexy red shorts, well at least two of the girls were. Heidi is obviously a little more self-conscious when it comes to her legs because she preferred red pants, though being skin tight they still gave the onlooking lusty guys a thrill! Shame...

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  • A rum do for the sexy escorts

  • 20th June 2012

  • It appears that Johnny Depp has split from his long-time girlfriend, the French chanteuse Vanessa Paradis. Their fourteen year relationship hasn’t been enough to keep them together after Depp was linked to his Rum Diaries co-star Amber Heard, some fourteen years his junior. For those not in the know Ms Heard is a bi-sexual American actress of little talent but plenty of sex appeal. If you want incontrovertible evidence of just how hot this girl is check out The Informers where she stars alongside the delectable Kim Basinger and spends much of the film with her clothes removed.

    Amber is also...

  • A rum do for the sexy escorts continues here

  • Pure perception or sexy reality of the Bedfordshire escorts?

  • 17th June 2012

  • A late night but an early morning for me, funny how I can’t lie in on a Sunday morning even though I was up way past the midnight hour. Still, the consolation is the Sunday papers as I luxuriate in a hot bath and enjoy a morning coffee pick me up. I have the same routine every week and I even read the newspapers and the supplements in the same order every time. First it is the travel section, then homes and gardens and then I really enjoy myself as I read the fashion and beauty pages. As a sexy...

  • Pure perception or sexy reality of the Bedfordshire escorts? continues here

  • A sexy frolic in the park for the hot Bedfordshire girl

  • 14th June 2012

  • We bathed in the sun, and basked in the long grass, our naked bodies entwined in a steamy fit of passion. We were oblivious to prying eyes as we enjoyed our exploration of each other’s’ nubile body, our hands gently yet firmly caressing the sweet and sexy flesh. I kissed the delicious girl softly, savouring the taste of her lips and mouth, her tongue and mine colliding and caressing, battling for dominion yet giving and loving at the same time. I hadn’t expected the Swedish beauty to succumb so easily to my attempt at seduction, especially given that Ulrika, the...

  • A sexy frolic in the park for the hot Bedfordshire girl continues here

  • A summer of loving for the sensual Bedfordshire girls

  • 13th June 2012

  • When the sun is shining and a slight breeze travels through the afternoon air there is no country like England. This green and pleasant land is comforting in its serenity, its relaxing countryside with the constant drone of flying insects and chirruping of birds an oasis of peace and calm. Of course, being England the sun rarely shines and instead we are treated to an interminable down pouring of rain as if to punish us for some unknown sin or other… Thankfully this was one of those rare days when everything is just perfect and I could tell that Ragna...

  • A summer of loving for the sensual Bedfordshire girls continues here

  • Bedfordshire girl's lust for a hot European escort

  • 11th June 2012

  • Ragna was new to the country, the gorgeous Scandinavian having flown in only a few days previously and so my invitation to her, an offer to show her around one of the many lovely country estates that are dotted about Bedfordshire was received rather more innocently than my intentions deserved. I found the sexy European girl a real turn on and I longed to spend some quality time with her, in the bedroom, naked, up close and personal. I fantasised about giving her a special sensual massage, about caressing her soft and silky pale white skin, of smelling her flowing...

  • Bedfordshire girl's lust for a hot European escort continues here

  • Sexy girls enjoy love in the afternoon

  • 8th June 2012

  • With the weather being unpredictable at best and lousy at worst there weren’t a lot of options when it came to entertaining my new Swedish friends so inevitably we ended up in a country pub where we could at least stay warm in front of a raging open fire whilst enjoying a glass of cold Chardonnay. To be fair the Scandinavians were perfectly happy and thoroughly enjoyed the traditional atmosphere and décor, the wooden beams and brasses. They even tried a couple of real ales though even for a born and bred native their choices would be an acquired taste...

  • Sexy girls enjoy love in the afternoon continues here

  • Stunning Bedfordshire escorts new addition

  • 6th June 2012

  • There must be thousands of people out there who would just love to swap their humdrum lives for my sexy and glamorous existence. I don’t mean it arrogantly, I know that not everyone has the capacity or ability to do what I do and it is my god given talents and beauty that set me out from the crowd. I’ve always had men lusting after me and I thoroughly enjoy the power that I hold over the male of the species. I’ve had so many fun times as a visiting escort that life sometimes can seem like a blur, as...

  • Stunning Bedfordshire escorts new addition continues here

  • European escorts looking for love

  • 1st June 2012

  • It had been a while since I had had the chance to speak to Ulrika, the Scandinavian blonde with whom I had struck up an intimate friendship. The girl had only been in the country a matter of a few months and was studying European history at a prestigious university. In order to help fund her fees she had taken a job dancing in a gentlemen’s club where her looks and sex appeal were much appreciated. She had enjoyed the work so much, especially meeting with new guys and enjoying some harmless flirting that she had wondered about whether a...

  • European escorts looking for love continues here

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