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Erotic Adventures

A Bavarian cutie for the hot Bedfordshire Girls

29th November 2011

Our train pulled into Hanover exactly on time and we knew that we had up to twenty minutes before it would set off on its final leg to Berlin. Our ‘Sexy Bedfordshire Girls on Tour’ antics so far had been special but our plans for this station were something else. Our friends back home, hot Bedfordshire escorts themselves, who were following our exploits via a private web space had suggested that we seduce someone on the platform, some German who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Naughty Bedfordshire escorts more like...

Pam and I giggled nervously. We had already removed our undergarments in readiness for some hot sex action and we were staring out of the window as the train pulled up at the platform hoping to get a glimpse of some hunk or other who could be the object of our attentions and affections... One guy looked a possible but he got on the train even as we got off. Another guy at the far end of the platform attracted our attention. Tall, strong looking and well dressed we were sure that the young guy would be up for it but then he was accosted by a young women and soon they were in a lover’s clinch. He must have been meeting his girl at the station.

We walked around, the clock ticking and not a possible in sight. We would have to change ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ to something less thrilling, “sexually frustrated Bedfordshire girls on tour” perhaps. But then we saw her.

She was a tiny, petite, slim and nubile young woman, perhaps in her late teens or early twenties. She was dressed like someone who was shouting at the world that they didn’t conform to the mainstream, she wouldn’t be labelled and she was what she was. A girl with a dragon tattoo perhaps... Of course, in her efforts to be ‘different’ she achieved the opposite and branded herself as part of a particular group by virtue of her ‘uniform’. It was clear that she was in to women though and so all we needed to find out now was if she was sexually liberated and free, open to chance sexual encounters, erotic adventures to be savoured through the years.

I looked at her, a lingering and smouldering look and then I approached her, using my limited German to communicate my intentions to the fraulein. Within a minute we were all smiles and she clearly believed I was chatting her up and looking for a date. It took a little more effort to explain that the two hot Bedfordshire girls were looking for casual sex and it had to be right now... And then I saw the look of understanding, a look which turned to longing, a look which said ‘yes’...