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Erotic Adventures

A damsel in distress

16th September 2011

Perseus received the blessing of his family to visit the ancient city of Argos, located in the Peloponnese region of southern Greece. It was a hard trek over several days across a parched landscape, the baking sun reaching a hundred degrees plus even in the shade. He took with him a few basic supplies, drinking water and unleavened bread, cheese and some dried dates.  His father had given him a sword, a rusty old thing that had never seen action, but nonetheless it filled father and son with pride when it was handed over.

With Argos only a day away Perseus decided it was time to rest. He sat by the road side and adjusted his sandals, removing a rough stone that had begun to irritate. He looked out over the sea and enjoyed the fresh and cooling breeze. Using his sack as a pillow he began to lay back but his eyes snapped to attention. Across the bay and partly obscured by fig trees he saw a young woman, a beauty without equal. She was getting changed out of her toga, presumably she was planning on a swim and had thought she was hidden from view. But she hadn’t counted on someone watching from so high above. Perseus had a clear view of the damsel.

The young hero admired her toned, slender body and was taken by her sexy mannerisms: the way she shook her head to let her hair loose and free, how she walked with a pronounced wiggle of the bottom, the soft firmness of her stomach and breasts. Though he was some fifty yards from the girl he could see her just fine, his eyesight was better than a normal man’s being a demi-god. He drank in the vision, his eyes devouring every inch of her five foot eight frame, her magnificent curves, her beautiful almond skin, her oval shaped face, silken black hair and her pouting, full red lips. The fact that he was watching what she thought was a private moment was also very arousing. He quite enjoyed being the voyeur but he knew he would prefer to be enjoying her physically rather than mentally, touching her soft pale skin and kissing those full lips.

Suddenly Perseus heard a commotion and then he saw its origin – two men had stepped out of the trees and were approaching the girl. Clearly they too had been watching her undress and from their attitude Perseus sensed the worst.

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