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Erotic Adventures

A date with a deadly damsel

3rd October 2011

It took precious little to persuade Perseus that he should use his god like abilities to take on and defeat the mighty Kraken – the prize would be Andromeda herself. He was to have her whenever he wanted her for a period of three hundred and sixty five days, but only after he had averted the city's destruction by the beast from the sea. Now Perseus was blessed with many things, a marvellous physique, good looks, charm and charisma but one thing he was not blessed with was brainpower. Had he known the full picture, that the Kraken was a thousand feet tall and could wipe out a city in a matter of minutes, that there was nothing on earth that could defeat the beast in open combat and that this last remaining titan had a temper as bad as its breath and he would have steered well clear of making any rash decisions. But looking into the doleful eyes of the beauteous and nubile princess he would have agreed to anything, anything at all, for the chance to take the girl to his bed.

That night, as he slept in the opulent luxury of the royal chambers – a beautiful, naughty servant girl his bedfellow – a strange mist enveloped the fortress tower and crept into his room. Perseus rose and in a dreamlike trance walked to the balcony where he saw the hooded figure of a man. On being challenged the stranger turned and revealed his identity – it was his father, Zeus.

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Zeus explained the enormity of the task to Perseus and berated the boy for his foolishness. Not even he, lord of Olympus, would take on the Kraken single handedly. But then Zeus realised the answer. The only way to kill a titan was to use another titan against him – Medusa! Medusa was a woman with the lower body of a snake and tens of vipers for hair. One look from Medusa could turn a man – or a god – to stone! She resided in a cave on the remote island of Ichthos. Perseus must kill her and use her head as a weapon, turning the mighty Kraken to dust...

Having agreed to kill the Kraken Perseus' next step was to find the men who were worthy of accompanying him on his quest... and the women... Packing his bags he headed to Marathon, twenty six miles from Athens, for the games – he needed the best that Greece had to offer, he needed Olympians!

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