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Erotic Adventures

A date with a Kraken monster

1st October 2011

Hades returned to the underworld content that stage one of his plan was in place and all signs were that Accrisius would declare war on Olympus and in particular his brother, ‘King of the gods’ Zeus. He reclined on his black satin sheets and enjoyed their sensual feel, his thoughts turning to his usual afternoon recreation of sex. It was a perk of the job he had often joked with underlings that the lord of the underworld had his pick of the most naughty, highly sexed and sexual, ravishing pieces of womanhood that Greece had to offer. Down here with him were the adulteresses, the exotic dancing girls, the courtesans, the nymphomaniacs and the women who just plain enjoyed sex with anybody and everybody. And there were some notable beauties.

Of course sex with the Lord of Darkness wasn’t exactly every girl’s cup of tea, especially given that he liked to play rough but then it was their choice that they had chosen to live an intemperate and lustful life was it not? Today he was particularly pleased with himself and so he summoned half a dozen of the most beautiful, sexual recent arrivals. He would enjoy them all, after all, down here, he was the main man and who could say no to such a cheeky little devil as he?

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Andromeda sat in front of her dressing table and wept copious tears of frustration and sorrow. Her father was adamant that she would not be sacrificed to the gods but Hades had threatened the city with the terrifying and terrible Kraken, a sea creature so awesome in its ferocity and power that no human could defeat him. It was inevitable that in the face of such devestation that the people of Argos would demand her death. No human could defeat him.... Andromeda's thoughts turned to Perseus, half man, half god. Was he her only chance?

Perseus was dragged from the cells to face the King and his irritating daughter Andromeda once more. He had to remain calm, be civil, humble, almost sycophantic if need be for he had to remain free. How else could he enjoy the lovely and ever so accommodating women of Argos?

As he sauntered into the great hall, flanked by burly and as usual semi naked Gymnitai, he immediately noticed the tense atmosphere and the stern looks. Perhaps things were worse than he thought and it wasn't prison but death he should fear?

How to kill the Kraken, save Argos and bed the lovely Andromeda – more tomorrow in another erotic adventure from Bedfordshire escorts.