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Erotic Adventures

A date with a nubile nymph...

4th October 2011

Andromeda was sorry to see Perseus leave and even sorrier that she had not enjoyed him sexually. She could hardly have made love to the demi-god given the deal that had been struck. He was to kill the Kraken and in return she would share his bed for a period of no less than twelve months. In her heart though she knew that he was ‘the one’ and so it was with no little anxiety and upset that she watched him depart on the first leg of his quest – to Marathon to take part in the games and to recruit the best men and women that Greece had to join him in his adventure. It would be dangerous but it would bring great acclaim and what Greek did not want to join the ranks of Achilles, Jason and indeed the heroic Theseus? Of course, another thought was an ever present in her over active imagination – what if he were to meet some lusty, sensual, sexy beauty on his travels and forget both his mission and her, the nubile beauty Andromeda? It was too much to bear!

Perseus trekked off happily, his thoughts full of excitement and adventure and who knows perhaps some of those adventures would be of the carnal variety – erotic adventures that would stir his sexual soul to enhance the dangerous quest to kill the Kraken. Life couldn’t be all work and no play after all. And then, when he returned he knew that he would have the soft and willing princess to enjoy. Life was sweet, at least for the present, and at least as he didn’t ponder too long on his adversary and her peculiar and deadly powers. Half snake, half women and all evil. She would be a hell of a challenge, even for a demi-god.

The walk to Marathon would take him three days and three nights and he had packed enough bread and wine to sustain him on the journey. He also carried his trusty sword and a new shield presented to him by Acrisius. It was made of the finest metals known to the Greek metallurgists and forged by the finest blacksmiths known to man. Even the gods themselves did not have finer armour.

Perseus wondered what awaited him at Marathon. Which of the Greek heroes would he find there? More to the point, what about the women, the Amazons he had heard of and who had sliced of a breast so that their shields would more closely fit their feminine shape? They sounded fearsome indeed. Though the women he most looked forward to meeting were the nymphs, who so loved sensuality and sexual excess that they were the most cherished women in Greece. He had read Homer’s Iliad and his Odyssey and had been envious of Odysseus’s time spent on their island – the only man, each day ravished by yet more stunning beauties...

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