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Erotic Adventures

A dream of Andromeda

15th September 2011

Perseus grew up unaware of his demi god status. He had been adopted by a simple fisherman and his wife, his mother’s body long since bequeathed to the sea. He knew nothing of his father, the god Zeus, nor of his mother’s kingdom, great Argos, ruled over by the ruthless tyrant Acrisius. He worked hard, was an honest man and a loving son, helping his father to farm the seas. But he knew that he was different somehow. He was stronger, faster, and far more adept at reasoning and problem solving than the other children as he grew up. As a man he was unbeatable in hand to hand combat and unrivalled in his success with young Greek women, in short he was admired by all. And he felt a certain power within himself, allied to an urge to seek out adventure. He knew his destiny was not that of a fisherman, much as he loved his father and wanted to make him proud.

But there was another strange longing in him, something drawing him back to Argos. He knew the city was in danger but could not tell why. He had to travel to Argos, he had to understand his doom and he had to save the city. In his dreams a beautiful maiden would appear, beckoning him to the city of rock, carved from a cliff top, the crashing sea all around – it was Argos without a doubt. And the woman? She of the penetrating green eyes, pouting lips, curls of fiery red hair, and with a body that was made by the gods for sex – a rival to Aphrodite herself! And he knew, just knew that she was waiting for him there, at Argos.

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Acrisias cursed the gods for the seventh time that day. Why did they taunt him so? Another pitiful crop from the hard toiled land, another less than bounteous harvest from the seas that were teeming with life, a wife soured by his actions in sacrificing his daughter and grandson, a grandchild he knew to be the progeny of a god, and not just any god but Zeus himself!

The pythea had predicted a grandson would kill him. He had only protected himself! How could the gods be angry with a man for simply thinking about self preservation? He had had enough, if the gods cursed him then he would return their ire and with interest. It was time for war.

Another erotic adventure with Perseus on Friday.