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Erotic Adventures

A fine romp in the luxury of Buisiness Class

5th May 2011

Working as an air hostess I had often been propositioned by men but of course I had declined their offers and entreaties. That is, until I met Paul. Paul was a business class passenger on a trip from Heathrow to Boston and he charmed me with his easy manner, witty banter and I have to admit cheesy compliments that had me hook, line and sinker.

He made me feel good and it was clear that he genuinely was interested and desired me. He wasn't just some guy hoping to join the mile high club with a tasty trolley dolly. And yes I would describe myself as tasty. I am tall and slim, with firm breasts and a sexy wiggle. My blonde hair is a feature that attracts many men, long and flowing and silky soft to the touch. I wear Chanel perfume and I am elegant and refined. Men desire me but they are also a little intimidated by me. Model looks can be a double edged sword I've learned.

Anyway, as the flight wore on our conversations became more intense and interesting. I had never got into anything particularly personal with a passenger before but with Paul it just seemed right. When he stepped the stakes up a gear and began to flirt I reciprocated in kind.

He asked me what my biggest fantasy was and I joked it was to be dragged to the first class rest room by a horny passenger and promptly seen to, rough, hard and uncompromising. Well, you can imagine my surprise when he did just that!

Without a moment's warning he stood up and abruptly turned me round and pointed me in the direction of the rest room. He walked behind me, pushing me along and not taking no for an answer. Luckily it was late and most passengers were asleep. My cabin crew colleagues were at the other end of the plane leaving us free to fulfil my fantasy.

Once in the toilet he immediately descended to his knees and pleasured me with his tongue. Once he had accomplished his mission of making me wet he stood, unzipped his pants and roughly entered me. I had one leg perched on the toilet and the other spread as wide as I could manage. He gripped me firmly round the back of my head with one hand and gripped my arse with the other. He took me time and again, roughly manhandling me, to my delight.

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