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Erotic Adventures

A first time for anything

3rd June 2013

I work days as a temp, a stand in secretary for businesses all over the City, and that has led me to spend time with some very interesting and powerful older men who know how to treat a woman, even if she is more mistress than long term partner.

All in all I wanted to introduce more adventure in my life and given my looks, personality and outlook on life I began to think that the rewards of being an escort went far beyond mere monetary recompense. It was a way of living life to the full and I mean really living, not just going through the motions and letting my youth and sexuality go to waste.

Before I took the plunge though I wanted to find out all I could about what it meant to provide companionship services. It was all well and good my looking in from a distance and thinking that the escort way of life would suit me. It certainly wasn’t enough to watch the television versions of being a sexy escort. I needed some first-hand knowledge and the best way to get that was either to sign up with an agency or even book an escort to visit me. The latter seemed the best option as I would be the client and if I chose well then I would get an insight that I would never have if I blindly stumbled into the business as an escort virgin.

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