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Erotic Adventures

A hot date for the Bedfordshire escorts

9th March 2012

The sexy girl’s name was Stacey and she was in her early twenties. Like me she had come out on the town looking to have some saucy fun and like me she had been disappointed with the quality of the men available. Having seen me ogling her she felt in a fun and flirty mood and had decided that she would approach me for a chat and perhaps something more. I was glad she did. Stacey was a stunner, an extra hot girl with a body that was good enough for Sports Illustrated. She was around five nine, five ten and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. The skin tight dress she wore made the most of her toned torso as well as showing off her long, lithe legs. The high neckline of the dress kept her other assets hidden but you could just tell that she would have perfect, pert boobs.

Stacey was a confident girl and she held my gaze as we spoke, her deep blue eyes alluring and her pouty lips delicious. Her high cheekbones gave her the appearance of an editorial model though her sex appeal was pure visiting escort class. Within moments of her sitting next to me I was hooked on the girl, a teenage crush style feeling in my stomach and my hands slightly clammy from the unexpected bout of nerves I was suddenly suffering from. This wasn’t like me at all. Normally I was the strong and dominant one, the sexy Bedfordshire escort who oozed confidence and class, the busty escort beauty who knew what she wanted and didn’t let anyone or anything get in her way, especially when it came to the art of seduction. But for once I was the prey and Stacey was playing me to perfection, teasing me with her touch, tactile and soft, and her hand resting on my wrist or even my thigh and sending shivers of excitement through my body.

I looked for my visiting escort friend Pam to see if she had spotted my assignation. The busty escort was too enthralled with her hot date however to notice what I was getting up to. He held her firmly by the waist as they danced to seventies disco music, his hands occasionally straying to cup and squeeze her ample rear. She was certainly living up to our mandate to be the most outrageous and sexually liberated girls on the planet during our ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ trip...

My attention snapped back to Stacey however when I felt her breath on my neck and as I turned she licked at my ear and began whispering what she wanted to do to me. It was triple x rated stuff and I blushed bright red. And then her hand which was on my thigh began to caress and massage the soft flesh of my inner leg, rising ever upward...