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Erotic Adventures

A lesson for the young innocent from the Devil Hyde

20th August 2011

Hyde looked at the two naked young women entwined on the bed and smiled. He reached out and stroked Danielle’s thigh. He gazed at her face as she was pleasured by Henrietta, a sublime look of sexual satisfaction glowed from within her. He was pleased. And now it was time for him to join them...

Hyde’s sexual needs were insatiable. His mind and body was perpetually engrossed in sex, the need for lusty copulation his raison d’être, his reason for being. But he was not satisfied with the accepted sexual philosophy of his day. Victorian times. Hypocritical times he thought. Many a so called pillar of the community kept a mistress or two and these girls were the ones who could light a man’s sexual fires. Many of the good wives had been conditioned to accept only a world of double entrendres and missionary position in the dark carnal activity. Many men had never even seen their wives naked.

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But for Hyde all was sexual liberation and bohemian living. He had sado-masochistic tendencies and his conquests all had to accept that, though he had been pleased to find that so many women were willing to indulge his needs and passions as they shared them. Everyone was leading double life when it came to sex he thought, and it was his mission to bring honesty into the equation. He would not lie nor prevaricate, he would state his needs to a woman and he would take her in the manner he had explained he would. Usually this was no problem but some women, like the young and lusty Danielle who did not believe or accept his protestations, thinking always that they were the one who could ‘tame’ him, could love him and turn his thoughts to a monogamous relationship, children and a white picket fence but it was not to be. He had dragged Henrietta into the bedroom so that he could demonstrate his true self and he knew that Henrietta’s true self would be a revelation and a shock to the young aristocrat.

Henrietta liked to be restrained, the more impossible it was for her to resist the more sexually excited she became. She also liked to be spanked. Her third 'sin' was that she also enjoyed helping Hyde to turn innocent young things into voracious sexual beings, lusting after perpetual physical loving.

More from Hyde on Monday when this Erotic Adventure reaches new heights of perversity and lust.