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Erotic Adventures

A mass of naked pleasure seekers fires up the hot Danielle

2nd September 2011

Danielle remained hidden and watched as Hyde orchestrated the training of the young innocents. This was the room of instruction in the dark sexual arts and Hyde was the professor, the one entrusted with taking a sweet young thing lacking in artifice and sexual skills and turning her into a sexually voracious and willing concubine, one who will submit herself for another’s pleasure without a second thought, one who will seek out ever more erotic sexual experiences.

It reminded Danielle of a play she had seen recently about a Henry Higgins and his efforts to educate a common flower seller, Eliza Doolittle. The play, Pygmalion had been an enormous success and she had been fortunate enough to come across the playwright at a society event. If she remembered rightly, the small Irishman had spent much of the evening attempting to seduce the younger ladies including her. She had been tempted to enjoy a lusty bout of sex with him but she preferred to keep her more salacious and outrageous side hidden. Very few people knew of her regular visits to the den of vice that was Whitechapel for frequenting such a place would have seen her barred from ‘polite’ society. Still, she might look up the writer, it was time that she was somebody’s muse and that she took a much older man as a lover, teacher and guide.

Hyde placed various clamps and devices on the next lovely brought to him by his two ‘assistants’ and the girl squealed in pleasure as a tingling sensation travelled directly from each location to her groin. She felt his stiffness rubbing along her outside leg and then his hand travelling on her inner thigh. He held a hard dildo in his fingers and she was to taste it. It slid in on her sweet wetness and he used it to massage her pleasure points. As he worked the two girls took turns to kiss at her neck and lips, enjoying by proxy the intense sexual experience of the once innocent woman. And then she too was given to those congregated next door – a mass of naked pleasure seekers feasting on the young flesh as if a piece of meat – all the more stimulating for the girl herself and those watching, especially Danielle.

Then Danielle decided to take the initiative and she stepped forward and stood stock still in the centre of the room, a confident and alluring stance, hands on hips as if to say look at the fine, young. Slim and voluptuous filly in front of you and admire the curves, feel the unspoken passion, respond to the need for lust.

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