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Erotic Adventures

A matinee performance with a lusty admirer for the young Greek hero

26th September 2011

As they lay on the flat roof in the hot sun, their bodies glistening in sweat, Perseus realised that he did not know the lusty wench’s name. He had enjoyed her nubile body, taking her greedily and repeatedly as they enjoyed open air sex. They did not realise that quite a crowd had gathered to surreptitiously share their experience and the watching women were more than impressed with the demi-god’s performance as he rode the sensual siren for what seemed like an eternity.

On Mount Olympus the Gods too watched, Zeus proud of his offspring’s stamina and Aphrodite jealous, her own desire for the half man, half god kindled by his epic lovemaking. She would take out her anger on the girl later but for now she planned to transform herself into a swan and visit Perseus as soon as she could get away unnoticed from the other gods. Unlike Zeus who enjoyed his reputation as a defiler of innocent virgins and a procreator of note, Aphrodite liked to keep her infidelities a matter for herself and herself only.

Perseus climbed off the willing wench and smiled at her, a winning, confident smile, his gleaming teeth reflecting the bright sunlight. Asking the girl what she was called he flinched when she gave what could only be a married name. Enquiring further the girl assured him that there was nothing to worry about, her incapacitated, aged husband would never find out and from now on she would visit him in his rented room so that they were guaranteed anonymity.

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Anonymity was the last thing they would enjoy though as word soon spread from the hidden horde of voyeur admirers spread the tale of their lusty sex like wildfire amongst the chattering classes of Argos. By the time Perseus had dressed and made his way to the street  so that he could explore his new home a crowd of beautiful female admirers had already gathered and were chanting his name.

Whilst Perseus was flattered by the attention, and he made a mental note of two lusty young things in particular, whispering in their ears to come back later after dark and he would entertain them for hours, he was also concerned that his reputation would precede him when it came to seducing Andromeda, and he did indeed have cause for concern.

In the castle Andromeda cursed the handsome young man and plates flew in her rage, smashing against walls and basically anything else that got in the way.

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