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Erotic Adventures

A parade of willing wenches for the passionate Perseus

22nd September 2011

Each of the girls began to attentively wash and massage the demi-god, enjoying the feel of his rippling biceps, perfect pectorals and strong, defined abdominals. Inevitably the girls also discovered his other powerful muscle and soon the young man was in whirls of ecstasy as they pleasured him in turn under the rippling water. He felt tongues on his ears, neck and across his chest as the girls played with their easy prey, enjoying his pleasure as much as if they were the recipient of a lover’s attention.

With so many beauties vying for his attention Perseus was spoilt for choice so after he had been towelled down by yet another goddess of gorgeousness he decided he would take all five of the lusty sirens to bed. Asking their names the girls stood before him, naked and ready to enjoy a lusty romp.

“I am Perodua, daughter of Dyctus, and a virgin of the temple of Aphrodite, goddess of love. I am yours to use my lord Perseus.”

Perseus’ mouth dropped open, his eyes bulged and he felt his manhood arouse as he looked at the beauteous and chaste girl opposite him. “Are you not concerned that losing your maidenhood will mean you are no longer fit to serve your mistress?” he asked.

“You are a demi-god Perseus so our coupling will transcend normal human relations. Indeed giving myself to you I will open up a new world of knowledge and experience that will help me to better serve my lady.”

Perseus realised that his luck was in as each girl repeated the mantra before kissing him full on the mouth, pouting lips and probing tongues raising his blood temperature to a point where his desire could not be denied. After Perodua came the ravishing Polycaste, the nubile Epicasta, the hot Alcino, feisty Pandora and knee trembling beauty Demonice who could not resist going on her knees to show her appreciation of Perseus’ patronage.

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Luckily the bed was large enough to accommodate the six hot bodies and soon there was a tangle of limbs and a powerful force of sexual energy urging each of the participants to reach even greater sexual heights in an unadulterated and wild orgy of sexual abandon. Perseus serviced each girl in a furious whirlwind of passion, sending each of them to orgasmic nirvana. Each girl delighted in having the hero in their chosen way before he took control and used them with hearty abandon, a heightened state of mental consciousness and physical performance. Each of the young virgin wenches enjoyed the new sensations that swept over their body as Perseus went to work, satisfying himself with each of the maidens.

Continued on Friday, another erotic adventure with the naughty Ancient Greeks and their lusty gods, here at Bedfordshire escorts.