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Erotic Adventures

A philosophy for the bedroom - De Sade's desires continues

9th June 2011

To be fair the Marquis thought, he could still be free and at large if he had just stayed with the servants, it was the daughters of the gentry that he seduced that caused most of his more recent troubles. Nobody cared much for what he got up to with servant girls but when you messed about with the middle classes there was the proverbial hell to pay. I was supposed to give them an education, he thought but I imagine their parents did not think that education should extend to the bedroom and to shall we say, the more expressive acts of sexual gratification.

Mind, some of the stuck up girls had been more than willing, in fact a remarkable number enjoyed a quite severe spanking, but one in particular had really stirred things up for him. By God man, her father had tried to kill me with a pistol at point blank range, he thought, though thankfully it was a miss-fire. Yes, that filly had been interesting. She had declined his advances but had been curious enough to spy on him when he was taking some servant girl or other on a kitchen table or in the stable. And he knew that she had taken an interest when her best friend Charlotte had become one of his willing concubines – there was nothing Charlotte wouldn’t do... He smiled as he reminisced but then he became agitated and frustrated, his sexual needs building, his urges uncontrollable.

Looking on the bright side he did know that he had done his best work whilst incarcerated. He wrote thousands of words each and every day, some of it as a release of pent up sexual energy (though his writing would often arouse him further) and some of it in a genuine attempt to set forward a case for a more bohemian and tolerant set of affairs, for otherwise how was a man like him ever to be truly free? Well, his writing was a lasting legacy that would vindicate him and his sexual mores to the world, he was confident of that. One day in the future his acts would be seen as more than acceptable, they would become commonplace, sexual fulfilment would be life’s purpose he declared, and then ruminated some more.

And what of his current project, the fair virgin, the delectable and delicious convent girl Maxine? To be the one who introduced her to the sensual delights that the world had to offer would be desirable. Her beauty and ripe young age would make his pleasure all the sweeter. He would bend her to his will and he would have her – tomorrow, he decided, it will be tomorrow.

To be continued.

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