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Erotic Adventures

A rival in love and lust...

8th September 2011

Danielle knew that if she wanted to be with Hyde then she had to share his sexual predilections and accept his alternative lifestyle. There was no pint in making any demands on him, expecting him to be monogamous, faithful, attentive or loving. Hyde would be Hyde but for her that was just fine.

Danielle was just as sexually voracious as he, just as demanding in bed, just as interested in new experiences and new sexual partners. She enjoyed control in the bedroom as much as obedience, she enjoyed dealing out sexual pain as much as she took pleasure from being subjected to restraints and paddles herself. She was his sexual equal, she could be no less if she were to be with him and she wanted to be with him so...

And here she was, once more, with an opportunity to show him that they were soul mates. The girl lying face down on the bed was certainly very attractive and she had been blessed with beautiful curves and a delicious and tempting toned body. The girl was not much older than herself, thought Danielle, perhaps twenty one or twenty two, and she was a willing participant that was for sure. The girl was desperate for Hyde to pleasure her – a rival for her love’s affections perhaps?

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Danielle snuggled up close to the girl and began to nibble at her ears, before allowing herself to explore further. Then without warning she gripped Molly’s arms and held her tight, allowing Hyde to take his fill even as he spanked her bottom severely during the act. As he came he kissed Danielle and whispered sweet nothings to her but moments before grabbing her too and bending her to his sexual will. Hyde repeatedly enjoyed both women, his stamina impressive and his performance all devouring.

Danielle wondered about the girl and decided that she would have to go. There was only room for one woman in Hyde’s life and that was her. When Hyde had finished with the girls he dressed and strode out, slamming his cane into the wall as a warning that they should leave him be, he was going out on the town to seduce an upper class trollop. With his angry words hanging in the air, he was gone. Danielle looked across at Molly, a sly, devious look that disguised her evil intentions. “let’s make love” she said.

Is Molly in danger? Can Dr Jekyll kick his habit? Will Hyde meet his match? Another erotic adventure on Friday.