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Erotic Adventures

A romp in an ancient hot tub for Perseus!

21st September 2011

Perseus strained his senses. He had noticed what seemed like waves of shadows passing across the white marble of the temple, creating a chiaroscuro effect on the walls. Then he heard the faintest of sounds, as if children were playing tip toe on bare feet. Then he was sure he discerned a stifled giggle emanating from behind the great statue of the goddess herself. Finally he heard what he knew was a whispered exchange and at that point he knew for certain that there was somebody or some bodies stalking his footsteps. He instinctively lay his hand on his makhaira dagger but as he did so he froze, the feeling of warm breath on his neck and ears sending a shiver down his spine and putting his hairs on end.

Spinning around and drawing his dagger in one fluid movement Perseus faced his adversaries only to discover they were a group of young women, their robes flimsy and ephemeral, their faces a picture of calm amusement and their bodies as desirable as the goddess of love, whose temple they now occupied. He counted five beauties, each with hair the colour of the magical roots of the Moly herb, skin of perfect almond, eyes as green as the waters of a lagoon, skin as soft as silk.

The girls bodies were perfect. Long limbed, and delicious swells of flesh with dark rings of areoli protruding through the finest of fabric, pert bottomed, swan necked sirens of sexual promise. Were they here to tell me of my destiny or was the near future destined to be one of sexual excess. Perseus smiled at the game minxes, enjoying their mischievous looks and their flirtatious postures as the girls paraded their sublime beauty to the demi god, famed for his way with his weapon.

The girls flocked around the hero and led him to the ante chamber which was filled with satin pillows and featured a small fountain running into a pool of brilliant blue. They disrobed Perseus and he stood and basked in their admiration for his finely honed physique and impressive manhood. Then he was caressed as the girls took him to the plunge pool and he stepped into the warm waters, enjoy its caress on his skin but not as much as that of the girls who quickly undressed and joined him in the ancient hot tub.

Perseus looked about him, fully enjoying the unfolding events and thinking that he should visit the big city far more often!

Continued on Thursday.

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