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Erotic Adventures

A Russian dalliance for the hot Bedfordshire girls

20th October 2011

Dmitri was a Russian émigré living in Paris and a lover of antiquity. His English was Spartan as was my French and there was no possibility of us sharing a conversation in his native Russian! I had set eyes on him in the Louvre, at an exhibition of pieces from Macedonia focussing on the time of Alexander the Great. I had been standing before a depiction of a battle scene, Alexander at the core, triumphantly urging on his army as they battled to defeat the Persian hordes. He had sidled up to me and the first thing I knew was his warm breath on my neck: “When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer”...

I smiled, remembering the lines from the original ‘Die Hard’ movie as spoken by Alan Rickman. I thought to myself that I should go on Wikipedia and see if the quote originated from classical sources or whether it had been coined for use in the film.

I turned and was greeted with the deepest blue eyes I had ever looked into. They were mesmerising, intense, exotic and sexy. I locked away my Bedfordshire escort friends text joke about the Russian guy looking for a Bedfordshire Escort for hire (they had sent jokes covering most of Europe but we had yet to go beyond the first country!) and concentrated on the slim, strong looking man in front of me. It was clear that he worked out regularly but at five nine he was barely taller than me. He was well dressed in blue jeans and open necked shirt with a dress jacket adding a touch of style to his assemblage.

When he asked me where I was from I told him and he looked me straight in the eye and whispered “sexy Bedfordshire girl, you come with me for coffee and cake...” Given the language limitations it seemed more like an order than a request but I accepted the invitation and we left the Louvre to find a Parisian cafe with street terrace. He was good company and I felt a warm feeling inside. When he went off to the toilet I took a sneaky photo of him on my phone and sent it to my model escorts Bedfordshire friends and waited for the inevitable replies. It took longer than usual, they were either working or struggling to come up with any kind of pun with a sexual undertone.

“Hello, I am Ivan the terrible lover and I am looking for Bedfordshire escorts for hire. Would you care to try my dissident?” Even I struggled to laugh at that one.

Dmitri returned and I thought how I was only in Paris for one more day. If he asked me back to his place for an erotic adventure what should this sexy Bedfordshire girl say?