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Erotic Adventures

A steamy affair

17th April 2013

Her name was Madeline and I have to say that I was madly in lust with her. We had only known each other for a matter of minutes but there was something about her demeanour that made her irresistible. I’m not pretending that her physical appearance didn’t play a part, a large part at that, but there was also something about her poise, her aura. Crazy, I know but there it is. I have dated plenty of visiting escorts and know sexy when I see it but this was woman was something else.

She was a little older than my usual type, late thirties I think, but in fantastic shape. Wearing just a nightgown, and one that kept falling open at that, I could make out that she was long legged, toned, and she had a prominent bosom which I suspected was the result of expert surgery. She seemed unaware of the effect she was having on me as we engaged in what began as a tetchy, nervous conversation in which I hinted that my girlfriend was having a steamy affair with her husband. I say unaware, perhaps she knew exactly what she was doing, there is no way on this earth that the women could have no knowledge of her power over the opposite sex.

Every now and then she would shift on the sofa and the nightgown would slip off her thigh and give me a right royal eyeful. I noticed that she was wearing a baby doll outfit underneath, pale cream silk with lace trim. Very sexy indeed. Could I be so bold as to make a pass at her?

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