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Erotic Adventures

A steamy encounter for the hot young Bedfordshire girls

13th October 2011

I hadn’t expected to end up in a wash room with a stranger on the eight forty five pm Eurostar London to Paris train. Some of my friends boasted that they were members of the mile high club but in a few moments I realised I would be able to trump them, it may not have been at five thousand feet but I would not be having sex in Bedfordshire, sex in London or even sex in France – I would be enjoying hot and lusty sex in a tunnel under the English channel.

My unexpected lover was a tall, well built man and he towered over my slight five foot five frame. He must have been six five and weighing around eighty five kilos. He had a rugged, characterful face and a granite jaw. I figured he’d been in a few scrapes but from his clothes he looked seriously wealthy. And there was I, eighteen and a poor gap year student with a forty year old man in a train wash room, pretending to be as confident as a Bedfordshire escort.

“You are one hot Bedfordshire girl” he whispered in my ear as he undid the buttons of my blouse. He had deposited me on to the counter top and stood between my legs, his face nuzzling into my neck as he planted a myriad of small and tender kisses on to my soft skin. His hands wandered across my body and as my blouse was slipped off my shoulders and fell away he immediately unhooked my bra clasp giving him free access to my pert breasts. He licked and sucked at my nipples greedily and I moaned in expectation and pleasure. His fingers quickly found my panties and he stroked at my sensitive spot before raising my legs into the air and removing my panties which I noticed he had then put in the pocket of his trousers as some sort of trophy...

He then pulled me closer and positioned himself to enter me, as I lowered his zip and reached into his pants to unleash his manhood. As I groped for his penis I realised that the man was huge and I blanched for a second, fearing that I would not be able to satisfy him. And then he entered me and just as I felt as if I couldn’t take any more he pushed deep within me and I moaned from the intense sensations and pleasure. I felt like a doll in his hands, he was so big and strong and commanding, knowing exactly what he wanted. I was his for the taking and I meekly followed his instructions as we enjoyed hot sex and a fulfilling orgasm... It had only been fifteen minutes of fun and though it was great sex as I left the wash room I felt ready for more...

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