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Erotic Adventures

A summer of loving for the sensual Bedfordshire girls

13th June 2012

When the sun is shining and a slight breeze travels through the afternoon air there is no country like England. This green and pleasant land is comforting in its serenity, its relaxing countryside with the constant drone of flying insects and chirruping of birds an oasis of peace and calm. Of course, being England the sun rarely shines and instead we are treated to an interminable down pouring of rain as if to punish us for some unknown sin or other… Thankfully this was one of those rare days when everything is just perfect and I could tell that Ragna was charmed by the ambience of our afternoon picnic, reclining on a grassy bank with her hand caressing the meandering stream and her face bathed in sunlight.

My friends at Bedfordshire escorts had been unconvinced when I told them that I intended to seduce the sexy young girl during our afternoon sojourn to a local country park. In fact Ragna’s best friend, a European escort at the escort agency called Ulrika had been absolutely scathing, insisting that if her friend had any lesbian tendencies she would have known about them. As the line goes in Hamlet, the lady doth protest too much, I thought and I wondered if she harboured some secret desire of her own to seduce the deliciously nubile nymph.

When you consider that according to the sexy Swedish escort Ragna had lived a quite remote life in the North of her native country and had only ever had two boyfriends I understood that I was perhaps being ambitious in my ploy to get her into bed so soon but there was something about the way we interacted, something intimate and reserved for the two of us that I felt that there was a spark, a chemistry between us and I have always thought that fate favours the brave. I would try it on with the hot girl and if I was rejected so be it.

It began innocently as I brushed away a few strands of her golden locks from her eyes as she lay back, her blouse teasingly open a few buttons and revealing a hint of side breast and her flowery skirt rising temptingly above her lovely knees as she lay back and sunbathed. Her smile was enough to let me know that I should progress further and so I stroked her cheek. Again a positive response which served to embolden me and so I leaned forward and kissed her softly and gently on the lips. Her reaction was initially one of shock as she looked at me and a realisation dawned on her that I was attempting to seduce the sexy young thing. And then she smiled, that sensual smile full of hidden promise and she put a hand behind my head and pulled me close for a full on, wet and wonderful kiss…