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Erotic Adventures

A sweet weekend pleasure called Molly

8th August 2011

The Story of Dr Jekyll – part 2

I had a large house in a fashionable area of London and I had the means to keep a mistress in Whitechapel. Ah, already you are taken aback and horrified though I do not understand why? I have not yet told of my real trespasses and yet you already sneer and condemn. Having a mistress in Victorian London was nothing out of the ordinary for a gentleman let me assure you! I knew of many with two, three or even more fancies on their arm. My own choice was more modest, I kept a sweet twenty year old dancing hall girl called Molly as my weekend pleasure. She was a willing and lusty wench though she had somewhat of a taste for gin – as did many of the poorer classes I hasten to add, again it was nothing out of the ordinary. She did also imbibe laudanum, a pain killer that dulled the senses and he habit had grown. I knew for a fact that she had also begun to visit the damned opium dens.

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Despite her addictions Molly was an exotic and sensual creature and our lovemaking had a heat and intensity that was missing from my more conventional and public life. She had enjoyed many trysts during her young life and each of her mature lovers had taught her a trick, a sexual position or a motion that would increase enjoyment for the man. I was now benefitting from her education.

By the way I can’t blame the Chinese for running illegal opium dens in China town though – after all it was the British who first imported opium into China from India as a way of keeping the masses across Hong Kong and Kowloon in check, which in turn led to an opium epidemic involving half of the Chines population followed by a war between Great Britain and China when the Chinese government banned the substance. Trade, capitalism, colonialism... mmm

But I digress. No, the heart of my story is closer to home. It involves Molly but only as a bit part player in a grand opera, her aria only a tune floating on a breeze. The fire pit of my tale is in my heart and my growing desperation as I battled to keep my inner emotions, my inner character at bay and failed miserably.

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