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Erotic Adventures

A taste of paradise

16th July 2012

I can’t say I’m convinced by the latest trend for floral print clothing, especially not when it involves being covered head to toe in tropical prints. One is sure to stand out in the crowd but sometimes you just want to blend into the background and I’m afraid that the flowery fashion now being promoted by various celebs and many a fashion house is just not for me. I speak up as a friend of mine at the escort agency; a beautiful and usually well-dressed brunette escort has turned up this morning in a cat suit that wouldn’t be out of place on the singer Jessie J. When I suggested it might just be a little OTT the busty escort protested that it was all the rage. God forbid we have to be such slaves to the fashion industry! I can’t imagine any of my regular clients at Sandy escorts being too pleased if I turned up for a date looking like an oversized border plant!

But, to be fair I suppose it is nice to have a little colour on the fashion scene for once as we need something to brighten up this damp squib of a summer. Apparently Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Pixie Lott and petite pop princess Kylie Minogue have all been seen sporting the garden look and so it is inevitable that legions of adoring fans will follow suit. I suppose I wouldn’t mind wearing one item, perhaps a short skirt, with such a bold design if I teamed it with other items that were less in your face. Certainly as holiday attire it may hit the mark, it’s just that I couldn’t envisage walking down Bedford High Street looking like a clematis.

Fashion is such a strange thing really. As a visiting escort at Bedfordshire visiting escort services I make sure that I dress sweet and sexy. I want my date to go ‘wow’ when he sees me for the first time at the door to his Bedfordshire hotel room. But fashion can be a controlling master and it’s important that one doesn’t blindly follow each and every trend that some out of touch designer wants to impose on the high street. Have your own style. Know what works. Stick to it. Add a twist now and then. That’s my recipe for success! Fashionable florals may just have to take a back seat in my wardrobe for now and I may even have a quiet word with the brunette escort who is about to go on a date with a client – I hope he is taking her to Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, though on second thoughts she may end up with a Cockatoo or a Parrot perched on her pretty shoulders…