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Erotic Adventures

A third visit to the Chamber of Love

22nd April 2011

Picking up Suzi and Jeremy had been pretty easy. They had gotten talking in the usual way and Gemima had explained that she had been stood up. She bought a bottle of champagne for the three of them – “I’m celebrating a new job!” – and then they retired to a secluded corner table, hand-picked by Gemima. Suzi was pretty high on something or other and Gemima ensured that more of the same kept coming. Meanwhile, Jeremy was already placing a hand on Gemima’s thigh under the table and his fingers knew no restraint as he sought out her pleasure zone. She enjoyed the thought that she would be screaming in ecstasy when he was screaming in agony later...

It was only an hour later when they all arrived at Gemima’s apartment. Jeremy’s eyes took in the room, a mixture of envy and appreciation in his thoughts quickly banished when Anya entered the room and he surveyed her nubile, delicious sexiness, like that of English escorts. Anya knew immediately that Jeremy was hers but what about Suzi?

The four of them sat in the large gothic, ornate and luxurious lounge and the drink flowed. There was a real fire in the room and Gemima had ensured that her manservant stocked it up before finishing for the night. She wanted the room war, very warm. As coats and shawls were shed and buttons undone the alcohol and other stimulants took effect and a warm glow descended over Suzi. Anya expertly approached her and before long she and Suzi were kissing, long, languorous and erotic kisses that made Jeremy jealous and lustful. He began to focus on Gemima but she said she had to go and pick up some more champagne and would be back soon but to enjoy the place whilst she was gone.

Jeremy’s initial disappointment soon gave way to euphoria however as Anja, sitting to the left of Suzi reached across her to Jeremy and began to stroke his erect penis through his pants. Then she unzipped him and in a second she had descended to her knees and was pleasuring him whilst he kissed and fondled Suzi.

Then Suzi joined Anya on her knees and the two of them got to work on Jeremy, taking him to places he had never been before. He fought hard not to come, especially as Anya undressed Suzi and the two of them began to cavort on the fur rug, their bodies glistening with sweat and desire.

A short while after introducing Anya to the couple, Gemima had made her excuses and left the room. She expertly revealed the hidden doorway to her chamber of love and quickly pulled back the curtain – this couple were particularly exciting somehow, more sexual and delectable than most she thought. She wondered which of them to keep for some private fun.

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