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Erotic Adventures

Al Fresco Fun for the Doctor

28th May 2011

The whole dressing up thing had been fun but it was time to move on. My romp with Carrie Fisher – sorry, Amelia, had been satisfying and sexy but it did grate a bit when I had to speak to her in a cod Star Wars way and though I enjoyed pretending to be Jabba the Hutt, especially when it came to using my tongue to explore every inch of Amelia's willing and eager body even I had limits. Well, ok, I don't really but it was just not quite as exciting as I had hoped it would be. My dalliance with dressing up had to come to an end I thought. But what next for the Doctor.

I was delving ever deeper into the dark side, any ethics, any moral code, any professionalism I might once have hidden behind was being slowly yet totally stripped away. What I wanted now was raw animal sex and then as usual an idea quickly came to me – outdoor sex. Yes, that would be next on my agenda – al fresco frolics. Many of the men I had treated and some of the women had a fondness for making love in public. Some enjoyed the risk of being seen, others just the thrill of having the sun on their back as they made passionate love ina golden corn field on a summers day. Others were more kinky.

I remembered Yvonne whose predilection was to dress up in a rabbit outfit and jump around in the forest whilst her partner dressed asa fox would chase around until he found her and then he would 'devour' her, ravishing her literally for hours. But no, I had done with dressing up, whether it was in human guise or animal!

Another woman who had massively taken my fancy was Zoe, a French girl who enjoyed sex in public buildings though the chance of being caught was only part of her fantasy – it was just that she liked libraries and museums, something that we had traced back to her teen years when she had witnessed a couple copulating in a quiet corner of the Musee Nacional in Paris. It had stuck in her head and then when she had a random encounter with the very same guy years later she had been powerless to resist propositioning him then and there. Given she was an absolutely stunning, stylish and uber sexy woman he had immediately agreed and gave her the best sex of her life right there and then in the same spot he had made love to the woman who was to later become his wife. Cheating was the last thing on his mind given the fine woman straddling him on the hard wooden floor.

To be continued.

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