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Erotic Adventures

All eyes on the hot Bedfordshire girls

17th April 2012

Unless you are of female gender you will have no idea of what it feels like to be an attractive woman walking across a room crowded with horny men. Every eye is upon you, mentally undressing you. Every man is fantasising about a sexual assignation and wondering just what it will take to seduce you. Your every move is scrutinised and studied, enjoyed and evaluated. What will this sexy Bedfordshire girl be like when you take her to bed some are thinking? Even guys who are faithful to their girlfriends or wives may be thinking about an illicit encounter, even if they have no intention of acting upon their impulses.

How a woman reacts to this depends on all sorts of stuff. I know when I have a man interested in me it gives me a buzz, especially if he’s a sexy hunk or he can make me laugh. Some of my friends prefer guys who are wealthy and outgoing, enjoying a good time and a bottle or two of champagne along the way. My friend Rosalyn, herself, like me a busty escort really digs guys who are into the whole laid back, bonfire on a beach kind of surfer dudes. Other Bedfordshire Visiting escorts like a guy who is caring and attentive, other blonde escorts like a guy who is the life and soul, others someone who is reflective and thoughtful. But for me there is no stereotypical love interest, no particular aspects of a man that I go for exclusively. I tend to find something of interest in any man, as long as I find him sexy. When guys ogle me I take it as a compliment. Looking is ok in my book.

So, I got up from my seat and stopped playing the wallflower. I could have made an effort to tone down my sexiness, my visiting escort confidence but I thought ‘what the hell’ and instead wiggled for all I was worth. In my short skirt and low cut top the guys had a field day and I could see a couple quickly positioning themselves so that they would impede my route back to my table. Clearly I was going to be propositioned and that was fine by me as I liked what I saw!

I suspected that I would have three blokes hitting on me and asking for a date and I fully intended to hear them all out. I hadn’t given up on getting the hot English escort Felicia back to mine and in a clinch but by the looks of things that wasn’t on the cards as the hot Bedfordshire girl was swamped by lusty lads on the dance floor. Oh well, who knows what lies in store...