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Erotic Adventures

All that you hoped for and more

15th July 2013

It was everything I hoped it would be, a coming together of two healthy, lusty and passionate people with only one thing on their minds: pleasure. There is something uniquely liberating about having sex for the sake of it, abandoning the social conventions of courtship and simply letting yourself be horny. I was ravenous for his body and he couldn’t get enough of mine, his stamina taking me to levels I had never known before or in fact since. Jimmy had always played it cool with me in public but now when we were alone the sex action was red hot and satisfying.

Lena had often described to me how excited she felt going on a date with a new client. The anticipation of what was to come, the initial thrill of the meet up, the way that the evening unfolded, often with unexpected moments but always with a scintillating conclusion. My first time with Jimmy was all that and more. It wasn’t just that I fancied him, though he was certainly a good looking guy by any one’s standards. It wasn’t that he was cool, though he oozed charisma and mystery. It wasn’t that he was in great shape, though he boasted a firm six pack and a strong torso. No, it was his sexually adventurous and greedy nature. He was like a composer orchestrating his own symphony, he took control and played my body like a maestro, knowing my stops, knowing how to lift me to a crescendo of an orgasm and then how to give me unexpected sensations before taking me to the heights of love once again.

A date with an Airport Escort will be all that you hope for and more.