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Erotic Adventures

Amelia's fantasy realised - the Dr does it agin!

27th May 2011

Amelia called to me from her bedroom to join her. By now I had almost lost interest, almost but not quite. I climbed the stairs in anticipation and when I reached her open bedroom door I knew the wait had been well worth it. She was dressed exactly as Carrie Fisher had been in Star Wars some thirty odd years previously. Her slave girl outfit suited her a treat and I could see why it had taken so long for her to emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis, her hair. She had her hair up in the exact same bun style as featured in the movie.

Amelia looked incredible and it didn’t take me long to get into the fantasy. She had lain out some manacles next to her and I noted that she had a wrought iron bed which was just perfect for securing the restraints. It wasn’t long before I had fastened her firmly and had begun to consider just what I might do to this lithe and nubile female prostrate before me.

I began by licking at her neck, tasting her sweet flesh and enjoying the aroma of her perfume. I quickly moved on to her breasts, pushing the slight fabric aside with my teeth, licking at her bosom and nipples, my saliva dripping down across her heaving breasts. I worked my way yet further down and lingered at her navel, probing with my tongue.

By now I was groping and caressing every inch of her and my fingers prepared her sweet spot for the arrival of my tongue. I enjoyed using a darting and then a licking movement, varying the speed, depth and intensity of my strokes. She moaned ever more loudly and I could see that I had taken her close to orgasm but she was my slave girl and so I allowed the moment to subside. She would come, but it would be at my time of choosing, not hers.

Stripping her of her remaining clothes I stood before her and undressed, my stiff manhood leaving her in no doubt as to my intentions and the future events of the evening. When I did take her there was a loud moan and a shudder as she came almost immediately I entered her. I enjoyed the trembling sensation which aroused me further and I rode her hard. It was almost as if I was enjoying Princess Leia herself.

To be continued.

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