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Erotic Adventures

An encounter with Hyde

5th August 2011

I sat in the Black Bull pub in Whitechapel, hoping to catch a glimpse of the notorious Mr Hyde. I was in thrall to the tales of his excesses, in particular his pursuit and it must be said capture of lusty beauties. I had long fought against my own sexual proclivities but there was something about Hyde that was drawing out my inner self, my real self and I was finding it impossible to resist.

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Now, standing before me was a young woman of perhaps eighteen or nineteen years of age. She was heavily made up and most of her ample bosoms were on display. She was overtly sexual, she even raised one leg and placed a foot on the table nearby giving me a clear view of soft inner thigh as her eyes hinted at what was to come and her tongue licked her lips lasciviously. I longed to tear off her clothes, remove her panties and give my desire full reign and I knew that there was no point in making any effort to resist or refrain from my true nature.

But then, just as I was about to rise and accompany this delightful and sexy wench to a more private place there was a rush of air and it was as if a darkness had entered the room as the gaslights dimmed in harmony. Stood over me and with a firm grip on the wrist of the beauty beside me was Hyde. He stared at me with his dark and unblinking eyes, two pools of red, threatening and challenging. He turned and dragged the girl away though it has to be said that she was putting up little resistance – Hyde appeared to have some strange power over women.

“Now look here...” I rose and was about to lay my hand on Hyde’s shoulder when he spun round and pushed me back down into my seat.

“I’d advise you to stay seated” he said, “because if you lay one hand on me sir I will take your life, I will wring your scrawny neck with one bare hand, I will rip out your throat, I... I...”

His demeanour was as a wild animal, a caged beast, a savage without concern for the manners of a civilised society. He took what he wanted and reacted with uncontrolled rage when anyone attempted to enforce the rule of law or common decency...

Continued Monday, another Erotic Adventure in the company of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.