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Erotic Adventures

An erotic secret revealed to Hyde

6th August 2011

The rage and fury with which Hyde had erupted was as terrifying as it was sudden and I sat, shocked and scared out of my wits. This was no man, it was a beast. Thankfully he disappeared upstairs with the wench and another beauty whom he accosted on his short journey to the bedroom and with a bang the door was shut and some kind of normality returned to the room. At least my evening was not entirely ruined, as another beautiful and lusty courtesan walked over and duly plonked herself across my lap...

She was a sweet thing, her blue eyes spoke of innocence yet her openly sexual approach hinted at a more earthy, sensual side to her nature. She led me by the hand towards the staircase and thence to a bedroom. Shortly after we entered the room there was a knock on the door and two bottles of champagne and a bottle of gin were delivered. The girl who brought them was divine and I insisted that she remain with us.

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Next door Hyde pulled back the curtain that concealed two way mirror and he observed us, a wide lop sided grin spreading across his face. His two women were reclining in each others’ arms, semi naked on a chaise longue also enjoying my impromptu show.

I was naked on the bed and the two young girls were performing sex acts on one another next to me. My primitive side had emerged and I was using the girls roughly, slapping their buttocks and sinking my teeth into their flesh. It was the transformation I had often fought and yet again the beast within me had emerged victorious. I had been fortunate in being blessed with a large manhood and the girls were ecstatic at the tool I had at my disposal, fondling, licking and riding me with abandon. They enjoyed my excesses, my forceful treatment of them and my excessive sexual demands – nothing was off this evening’s menu. If only I had known that a man with such similar predilections was observing and noting my actions and that he would use them against me at a future time...

The bottles lay across the carpet, empty of their contents. The two girls had long since departed. I lay slumped on the bed, unable to move, the alcoholic stupor I had brought upon myself consuming my rational brain as I fought against a spinning room. Was it a dream or did Hyde really enter my room that evening. I imagined him standing over me, laughing and holding a knife to my throat. Whatever the truth when I awoke the next morning I was alone and my wallet was empty...

Another scary erotic adventure in the company of Hyde on Monday.