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Erotic Adventures

And the clock struck midnight.... the erotic adventures of Mr Hyde continues

3rd September 2011

Hyde was dressed head to toe in a menacing outfit of black leather, including an elaborately embossed whole head face mask. Danielle tried to make out the letters carved into the grainy material but it was some language other than English, Latin she thought and she had never been one to listen in class, not even at the exorbitantly expensive public school her father had sent her to. It was at the all girls school that Danielle had first realised that she had a greater need for sex, as dangerous and illicit as possible, than other people. She also understood that she was prepared to push the boundaries and further, that she enjoyed pain as part of the package that included pleasure. Both the taking and the giving.

Hyde was a soul mate, another of those forced to live on the edges of what society considered civilised. Sex was a powerful force – capable of being destructive every bit as much as being creative and that was what the powers that be feared; an unleashing of sexual energy that would sweep away the accepted mores and the fear that oppressed people in their everyday lives. Hyde wanted to lift the veil from the world’s eyes, in much the same way as the Marquis de Sade had once done, and Danielle wanted to be by his side.

She stepped forward and Hyde faced her. He turned her around so that her back was to him and to the gallery of sexual libertines watching their every move. Reaching down he hitched her skirts and tore at her pantaloons, revealing her bare buttocks to the throng, who gave an appreciative grunt in return. Taking up a rising crop he made to chastise the young beauty but then he stopped suddenly, suspended mid movement, his right arm aloft and clutching the whip, his left still gripping Danielle’s knickers and holding her fast.

Danielle turned her head so that she could see Hyde. Time stood still and all present held their breaths, anticipation rising at his next actions. And then Hyde dropped the crop, turned and fled the room, Danielle making after him. He was fast and by the time he had exited the ante chamber and climbed the first flight of stairs the girl was some way behind him. She saw him take the next flight of stairs three at a time and then he was gone, no doubt into one of the rooms on the upper floor...

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