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Erotic Adventures

Another innocent ravished by the evil Mr Hyde

15th August 2011

She looks at me – I recognise that strange mixture in her face of fear and desire, love, loathing and lust all wrapped up into one sweet tasting dish. She is reaching out to touch my face but I slap her hand away and reveal my belt, the one I used to pleasure her with during our last lusty sex session - she moaned so when it cracked in the air and slapped her firmly across her willing behind, and she came so loudly I thought she would rouse even the good doctor from his sub conscious – but I have other uses for it now. Or is that my sub conscious?

No matter, I have business to hand. The belt is a good restraint and with her hands tied behind her back I can have my fill of her soft, pink, young breasts and my teeth are so eager to bite on to that beautiful, nubile body of hers. She is so soft to the touch, such a delicate flower and my hands and touch are so rough but she moans in appreciation as I ravish her. I want every inch of her giving and nubile, lithe body and she wants me to have it all.

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She is straddling me, her hands still tied behind her back allowing me free access to the small mounds on her chest, her nipples erect and sensitive. I bite her breasts with an abandon that she finds immensely erotic and she has come even before I have had my fill. As I continue to penetrate her welcoming and wet loins she rides me with a fury, her soft sweetness open and devouring of my manhood, her sex insatiable as she wildly gyrates her hips and rises and falls and then she collapses forward on to me exhausted. But I am not sated yet and so I push her on to the chaise face first so that I can ride her from behind and with greater depth to my strokes. Her cheeks are flushed and her moaning is intensely erotic as she gives me what I want.

I leave the wench lying across the bed as I found her. She looks up at me with those angelic eyes as if butter wouldn’t melt – the lusty animal that now looks all innocent and fresh faced. The duality of nature in all people – illusion and reality, fact and fiction. “God hath given you one face and you make yourselves another....”

An erotic adventure with a sexual beast, Hyde continues on Tuesday.