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Erotic Adventures

Bed for Sure - the hot Bedfordshire girl and her nymphomaniac needs

24th October 2011

It was a new experience for me. I had never enjoyed two guys in the same bed at the same time but Dimitri and Ivan were great lovers, two sexy and beefy hunks with a rapacious appetite for sex and impressive stamina. I was no shrinking violet myself and once I had let myself go, let my body rather than my mind guide me I was in an ecstasy of sexual pleasure as each of the well endowed Russian émigrés took me repeatedly, in many and various positions. Ivan was the more demanding and his manhood was something to behold. He brandished his large member like a swordsman would his weapon, confidently and he knew that I would be overcome with the pulsating sensations that he drove through my body with his deep and rhythmic thrusts. As I gasped for air I struggled to pleasure Dimitri with my mouth, such was the force of Ivan’s incredible love making, his prowess sublime.

When it came to Dimitri’s turn to take me he did so lustily and in a more frenzied fashion than Ivan, what he lacked in technique and size he more than made up for in speed and passion. He blazed with the fire of desire and when he bent me over the kitchen table and took me forcefully from behind I enjoyed my third orgasm and yet the night was still young.

I needed a rest and whilst we allowed our sweat soaked bodies to recover I took out my mobile and set it to record, I wanted to capture the moment just as I had the two sexual encounters I had enjoyed on the train – this was one hot Bedfordshire girl who wanted to relive her lusty experiences at a later date and I also wanted to share them with my cheap Bedfordshire escorts friends back home, as well as with my sexy Bedfordshire girl companion Pam, whom I assumed was alone back in our hotel room near the Louvre. I knew she would curse me for keeping this experience for myself but I was having too much fun for any recriminations or second thoughts.

I looked into the camera and uttered the words, ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour, 2011. Love and lust with the randy Russians...” At this moment Ivan took hold of me and the strong hulk lifted me up on to the edge of the kitchen surface, spreading my legs and standing between them, his lips clasped to mine even as his massive manhood was aroused once more and quickly found its berth.

This was an incredible erotic adventure and I let myself go as I came once more, for a fourth time, a record for me and I guessed for the two Russians who romped as if the world were about to end. They knew that they would not get many more opportunities to enjoy a naughty, hot Bedfordshire girl in a raunchy threesome and they made the most of every last minute...

As I dressed and left a text came through from my friends, escorts for hire in Bedfordshire: “I am a randy Russian, I like model escorts in Bedfordshire but I like them in Bed For Sure...” I had to laugh...