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Erotic Adventures

Bedfordshire escorts and a view to a thrill

4th April 2012

It wasn’t at all uncomfortable to watch myself in flagrante delicto despite the presence of so many of my friends. With the lights dimmed and the blinds closed it was a sort of otherworldly thing, like an out of body experience really with me watching detachedly the unfolding events. But even though I wasn’t feeling the connection between the screen me and the here and now me, that didn’t mean that I was unfeeling or unresponsive to the hot and horny action being played out, far from it. Reliving the sexy experiences all over again was quite arousing and I noticed that some of the Bedfordshire escorts watching, busty escorts who usually had a been there and done that kind of attitude were totally in to the sex action and they occasionally shot me a glance when I was doing something particularly out there or naughty, as if to say “wow, you did that!” I have to admit that gave me a warm feeling inside and totally vindicated the whole ‘Sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ idea.

At one point during the viewing I thought that the hot Bedfordshire escorts were on the verge of a full blown orgy as the brunette escort Eva and blonde escort Clancy began a long and lingering, soft and wet kiss at the back of the room. It was very sensual and erotic and it was, in contrast to the pictures playing out before us, real and immediate. But even the two lusty outcall escorts couldn’t keep their eyes off the action for more than a few minutes and I must say I can’t blame them, if I say so myself I was one hot lady! And what’s more, I got to watch Pam in action for the first time!

Whilst Pam and I had enjoyed a couple of carnal cuddles we had mostly gone our own way in searching out new sexual experiences and having some fruity fun. I think I trumped Pam in terms of number of girls I had slept with but Pam kicked butt when it came to just how many men she had pleasured and satisfied. Just watching her give a sensual massage made one hot under the collar so to then see the naked and nubile Bedfordshire girl going one step further, giving herself totally to a procession of lusty studs was quite incredible and I vowed to taste the girl’s delights again just as soon as circumstances would allow. The way that the movies were being lapped up by the busty escorts it may be some time before that wish was granted though!

The screening lasted all of two hours and at the end of it there was a room full of horny Bedfordshire girls desperate for some naughty fun. I have never seen a group of girls make such a dash for a nightclub and I am willing to bet that no nightclub has ever been invaded by so many hot girls ready and willing for hot sex action!