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Erotic Adventures

Bedfordshire Girls and their frolic with a French filly

26th October 2011

Pam walked out of her bedroom wearing only a towelling robe, her hair mussed up and a big smile on her face. A few moments later her sexy French maid lover emerged from the room, clutching her things and making straight for the hotel room door, before scuttling off down the corridor. I looked at Pam with my eyebrows raised and she just smiled and said “don’t ask...” before putting the kettle on and boiling some water for afternoon tea.

I recounted my erotic adventures of the night before and how this hot Bedfordshire girl had seduced not one but two hunky Russians and how they had taught her a thing or two about physical love. As expected she chastised me for not inviting her to join in our raunchy romp but I explained that it was my first threesome when the two other participants had both been men and I wanted to experience the feeling of being enjoyed by two competing men and their stiff dicks. Pam laughed and said she understood, she had once enjoyed sex in Bedfordshire at a house party which had turned into something of an orgy and two strangers had taken her upstairs to a bedroom and thoroughly ravished her. Even now, two years later the memory brought a smile to her lips and a wistful look to her eyes, as if to say will I ever have such a fun time again?

Pam refused to explain the French maid incident, other than to say that she had arranged to meet the girl again for dinner and did I mind being dumped? Before we had embarked on our ‘Sexy Bedfordshire Girls on Tour 2011” escapade we had agreed some ground rules, the most important of which was that we would not get in each other’s way if there was an opportunity to get laid. The maid was a real sexy sweetie and I couldn’t begrudge Pam the chance to get into her panties once more. And after all, it was Paris and if a hot Bedfordshire girl like me couldn’t score in this city, well, where could I score?

I told Pam about our Bedfordshire Escorts friends and their latest text with its pun on ‘Bed-For-Sure’ and we agreed it had been their best effort yet. We vowed to enjoy more lusty carnal encounters to provide them with more to work on. We were both fully into the sexual swing of things now and hot for more dirty sex with complete strangers. We were in our element and nothing was going to get in the way of our pursuit of pleasure...

All I needed to decide was where to go on my lonesome and what kind of naughty sex I wanted that night...