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Erotic Adventures

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17th February 2012

The sudden look of surprise on the street artist’s face was a joy to behold in itself and when he nearly tumbled off the stool on which he was sitting I couldn’t help but laugh and when I did he frowned in a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance. He clearly thought that I was ridiculing him but that wasn’t my intention. I suppose when a gorgeous, nubile visiting escort beauty accosts you in the street and asks whether you have ever made hot love to a sexy Bedfordshire girl it is understandable to be a little taken aback...

I helped him to his feet and whispered once more into his ear whether he found me attractive and was he up for some fruity fun, a sensual massage and some ‘afters’... He didn’t reply but simply nodded and began to pack up his things. I strolled off, confident that the hunky guy would follow and I sent a text to the busty escort Pam, my colleague from Bedfordshire escorts, who was waiting for me in our hotel room a little more than ten minutes walk away. The busty escort beauty had fallen ill and so I wanted to warn her of our imminent arrival so that she could use the bathroom and disappear into her own bedroom.

As we walked we talked and I discovered his name was Pavel. He was twenty eight years old and had been working in the city for a couple of years having finished a degree in art but being unable to get the graphic design job he longed for. I told him all about our ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ sex fest and made it clear to him that a condition of his enjoying my lithe and toned body would be his appearance on the private website which so entertained my busty escort pals. I was a wild child and there was no getting away from it, my sexual voyage of discovery had been a blast and I was up for anything at anytime. Pavel was clearly smitten and why shouldn’t he be, even with my body hidden under a large coat and chunky woollen sweater it was clear that I was a hot Bedfordshire girl and I’m sure he didn’t get offers like mine every day!

Pavel had a lovely smile and his short jet black hair complemented the shape of his face. At six two and around one hundred and sixty pounds he was something of a hunk and I looked forward to stripping him naked probably as much as he looked forward to removing my clothes and getting to grips with my curves. I was feeling hot and horny and couldn’t wait for some lusty action and so I picked up the pace with Pavel following suit. It was time for some foxy fun.