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Erotic Adventures

Bedfordshire girls, the amazons of their age

7th October 2011

The games brought together athletes from all over Greece and the wider known world, and they featured men and women competing naked for the ultimate prize, the acclaim of the gods. Perseus sought out only the bravest and the best in his quest to murder Medusa and kill the Kraken. And he liked what he saw: centre stage were two men fighting in hand to hand combat, their faces bloodied and bruised, sweat pouring from their bodies in a combination of exertion and a desperate attempt to cool the sun lashed skin. And two women, one of whom had a mutilated left breast, she must be an Amazon he thought, remembering the legend that the mutilation was carried out by the girls themselves so that they could better wield a bow.

But his gaze was also captured by the group of cheering women to his left whom he assumed to be Nymphs, women from the Isle of Ichthos, so remote and guarded by a fierce whirlpool known as Charybdis as well as a sea monster known as Scylla, a six headed beast that could swallow a man whole. The nymphs were known for their love of intercourse, and their beauty was comparable to the ravishing women of the modern world such as the hot Bedfordshire girls of Bedford, Sandy and Luton escorts. Sexy Bedfordshire girls were not in his mind though, as the gorgeous nymphs held sway over all of his lucid and subconscious thoughts!

Perseus approached the nymphs and immediately could feel their fabled sexual power and hold over him. He knew that he risked being distracted from his quest, and that he would only be extending his separation from the hot girl Andromeda but he could not help but wonder at the carnal delights and erotic adventures he could enjoy with these nubile and lusty girls.

His attention was diverted however to the loud din erupting to his left as the competitors gathered for the javelin contest, amongst them the famed Greek hero Bellerophon who was said to have tamed one of the mighty Pegasus, winged horses and whose fame had sprung from his slaying of the Chimera, a monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail. He would surely accompany Perseus on such a heroic task as his. Bellerophon was accompanied by Polydectes, a noted sailor and he too was on the demi-god’s radar.

The games carried on apace, with each event springing up some hero or another and the crowd agog at the strength and courage of the competitors. By the end of the day Perseus had gathered his band of braves including an Amazon, Hera but also a number of sexy girls from Ichthos to help speed them all on their way...

Concluded soon.